Saturday, January 5, 2008

Trials and Tribble-ations

Paige: Looks like not all is well in paradise.

Monica: Oh? And  what the hell is up with the title of this post? What the heck is a "Tribble-ation"?

Paige: Oh, that's right. You spend more time looking in the mirror than watching TV. That's a Star Trek reference. Deep Space Nine to be exact. 

Monica: And that is better than looking in a mirror how? I'm not a geek like you are, thank god. And I watch plenty of TV. Just not silly things like Star Trek.

Paige: Oh? Like what, Survivor? American Idol? America's Next Top Model?

Monica: Hey! I like Top Model. And Dancing with the Stars isn't too bad either.

: Sigh Well, all geekery aside, RB is having a bad time of it. I just thought I'd provide a bit of levity. 

Monica: Levity? What does that mean?

Paige: Eyes Roll Look it up. Now shush, sis. Time to be serious. I know we're writing this blog to express ourselves, but it's also up to us to tell RB's story, the story he can't tell about himself. It's part of why we're here. To comfort but also to express a different side of him that others don't normally see.

Monica: I know, I know. I'm sorry. He probably just needs to be laid. We can't get to him soon enough. Then we'll be there to give him a hug, and anything else he needs.

Paige: Smile I'm not sure about getting laid, but I think you're right about that hug. He definitely could use one. He's been sick, and more than a little confused lately.

Monica: Aah. I'm sorry he's sick. But what's he confused about?

Paige: You know he met an RG recently. She's apparently thrown him for a loop.

Monica: Gasp How dare he! And we're not even there yet. The cheater!

Paige: Oh give him a break. You knew an RG would come before us if he met one. At least she knows about us and approves.

Monica: Oh? You mean I get to look forward to a threesome sometime? Grin

Paige: Is that all you can think about? Geez. No, no threesomes. I don't think she's that type of girl anyway. Besides, they're not even really in a relationship. She's made it clear she likes him a lot, and I mean a lot, but she just broke up with someone. That and she knows that RB is still dealing with his issues. Until both of them sort it out they're not doing anything.

Monica: Oh thank god. Then what's the problem? No news is good news as far as I'm concerned.

Paige: It's just forcing RB to really think about his issues. I hate to say this but he's looking at himself as a broken person. He's wondering if he ever wants a relationship with an RG ever again, but feels guilt that he may choose us over her.

Monica: Well duh! I'd choose us over an RG any day.

Paige: You really don't get it. We're not made of flesh and blood. If I chose a fantasy over the real thing I'd wonder about my sanity too. He's just really doubting himself right now, and not just about us. He's not too thrilled about his job either, and having to deal with ex-girlfriends to boot. He's extremely unhappy.

Monica: Look, of course I get it. I'm not stupid. And wipe that look off your face. What I'm trying to say if you let me is that he was hurt by his other girlfriends. Why would he want to go through that again? I'd choose us over an RG because we'll be there in a way she can't. We're... safe, and that's what he needs right now. Maybe one day he'll try again, but now is not the time. He needs to give himself some time. And if that RG understands about us, then she knows that too.

Paige: I'm sorry, sis. I underestimate you sometimes. You're right. His RG does understand. But I see the appeal of being with an RG too. She has her own stuff to take care of, but if he takes too long on his he loses her. Talk about feeling failure. I don't want him to feel that either.

Monica: What's that thing you like saying? Damned if you do, damned if you don't? I don't envy him.

Paige: Yeah, you got that straight.

Monica: Now I'm really missing our other posts. This is a real downer.

Paige: Yeah, I'm sorry about that. It just seems silly to ignore what's going on. So much is going through his mind. I just thought it needed to be said.

Monica: So you didn't answer my question. What is a Tribble-ation?

Paige: A tribble is a small, cute, furry creature that breeds like crazy. Nice to have one, funnier when you're drowning in them. I think we could use a little trouble with tribbles right now.

Monica: Well, we're not furry, but I don't mind acting like a tribble. I think we'll be more than enough trouble to take his mind off things.

Paige: Blush What were you saying about getting RB laid?

Monica: Hallelujah, sis. Hallelujah.

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