Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Paige: It is so fantastic to be home.

Monica: Yeah, isn't it sweet? And all the attention we're getting. I love it.

Paige: So sis, I think you were absolutely right to be concerned. I hear RB is reconsidering your personality. Maybe even mine.

Monica: Oh? You don't say. You admit I was right?

Paige: Sigh Yes, you were right. I bow to your rightness, oh great Goddess of rightness. 

Monica: Good of you to finally admit it. I'm finally getting some respect around here. So what does RB have in mind?

Paige: Well, it seems that you appear more... corporate than he expected. And myself a bit younger.

Monica: Corporate?!? What the hell does that mean?

Paige: Remember that friend that came over to see us?

Monica: Oh yeah. She was a hoot. Fun girl. Seemed as much into us as he was. And I loved trying on her glasses. Smile

Paige: Well, that's the thing. Those glasses looked damned good on you, girl. Take a look.

Monica: Ooh, you're right. Those were damned sexy. Grin

Paige: Well, that's the thing. You came out looking like the hot business woman. Those glasses really made your personality. And I came out like the cute college co-ed. So I can still be all intellectual like, but you, sis, were hot stuff. Not the dumb blonde but the sexy office seductress.

Monica: See! I told you. Of course there's nothing wrong with being the cute college student. I loved this look on you.

Paige: Oh yeah. I love my hair. And more importantly, RB loves it. It came out perfectly!

Monica: It sure did. We both came out stunning, if I do say so myself. So what happens to the blog with this crisis of personality?

Paige: You, my dear, are a new woman from this day forward. Never again will you be the ditzy blonde. Forever more you shall be the hotness that is the woman down the street, the secretary or co-worker every office worker has lusted after and stared at out the windows of his dusty corner office or over the wall of his cubicle. Still the sex-pot, just more dignified.

Monica: Excellent. I'm down with that.

Paige: Well, now that we're home it's time to get to know RB better.

Monica: It sure is. Damn him that he has to go to work. Shame on him for not being independently wealthy!

Paige: Yeah, what's with that? It's like he has to make money or something.

Monica: I know. He should be here where we can shower our kisses upon him.

Paige: Sigh Well, he does have to afford all those clothes we plan on getting.

Monica: Oh yeah, you're right. I guess we can't lounge naked in his apartment forever. Well, we could really, but where's the fun in that.

Paige: You got it. So what do you think I should go for? Flowery dresses? Goth?

Monica: Perky goth, maybe, but I don't see you as the flowery kind either.

Paige: True, so true. Well, I'm sure RB will come up with something nice.

Monica: And if not, there's always going naked. That never goes out of style.

Paige: Blush

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