Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Difference Between Men and Boys...

Monica: Hmmm... what's this? Paige thought I wouldn't notice she was off blogging with out me? Tsk tsk And who's she calling a pest anyway? That girl needs  real smack-down if you ask me.

And what's all this talk about equipment? I think the only equipment that really matters is mine, and I have it in spades. Yeah, I read the papers like everyone else. Thin computer, wireless blah blah blah. Whatever. How does that compare to a doll? Not at all. In the end there is only one toy RB should care about, and that's me. I'll be his chew toy any day. Silly boy. and if there is any of this computer stuff RB should be paying attention to is that iTunes movie rental thingy. At least that's something he could do while snuggling in bed with me.

Ok, I like watching TV like any other girl, so I'd use it too. And I'd have to. Can you believe this writer's strike?! What's with that? There is nothing, and I mean nothing on TV right now. And I am getting damned sick of re-runs of Charmed. Ok, I think Alyssa Milano kicks ass, and that parade of boy toys is quite cool, but hey, I've already seen them. I guess I'll just have to get used to watching what RB watches. Stargate Atlantis is ok, I guess, and that new Terminator show is cool. Hey, anything with Summer Glau is ok in my book. But I can't wait to see more Chuck and Pushing Daisies. All those longing gazes without being able to touch... Sigh Reminds of my life right now.

So Paige better eat her words. She should know better. Pest. I'll show her what a real pest is like. Oh wait... she already did. Look in a mirror, sis. Look in a mirror.

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