Friday, February 29, 2008

An Odd Day

Monica: Hey! It's February 29th!

Paige: Yep. That doesn't come around too often. Our first, too.

Monica: I think we should do something special. Mix things up a bit. What do you think?

Paige: Yeah, sure. What did you have in mind?

Monica: Well... Swipe

Look, I'm Paige! I'm all brunette and intellectual like! Worship me!

Paige: Hey there! Stop messing with my hair! Grrr Two can play that game... Swipe swipe

Oh, look. I'm Monica. I'm all blonde, sexy, and hot with these glasses. Don't you just want to, like, do me? Take me RB! Right here, right now.

Monica: Scowl You little brat... Hey, don't turn that camera on me! I don't have a shirt on!

Paige: Heh. Gotcha! Turn about is fair play, sis. Swipe

Monica: Well, you don't have to be indecent about it.

Paige: Giggle Me, indecent? You're kidding, right? If you've got a problem with it, this is what I think of that!

Monica: I'll get you back, Paige. Just you wait and see.

Paige: Bring it on, sis. Bring it on...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cherry 2000

Paige: Today we have a movie review!

Monica: Yay! And it's one every doll will appreciate.

Paige: The movie is Cherry 2000, featuring Melanie Griffith and David Andrews. Now don't get us wrong, just because we're doing a review does not mean you should rush out and see this. It's an old, cheesy, grade B movie from 1987. What we love about it, though, is that it features man's love for a synthetic companion as part of the primary story arch.

Monica: Oh don't get all intellectual on us, sis. Just say it as it is. One of the stars is an animated love doll! The point of the story is that she breaks and her owner goes on a quest to find a replacement body for her. How cool is that?

Paige: Well, the ending is typically Hollywood, and it isn't hard to guess that the doll doesn't win the day. When faced with the choice of real vs. synthetic, the man chooses the real girl. No surprise there. And I admit that I'd choose Melanie Griffith any day of the week, too. What did surprise me, though, was that it actually portrayed the man's love of his doll sympathetically.

Monica: Yeah, it wasn't a freakish thing at all. You could understand his frustration with relationships, see exactly what he saw in the doll and why.

Paige: With the world they showed, it was no wonder he wanted to go with a love doll. It was by far the best choice under the circumstances. In a plastic world, the most real thing he could find was something artificial. To find something real he had to step outside of its bounds, venture into the wilderness beyond the veneer of culture to where one's inner nature was bared for all to see. Only then was the choice even possible.

Monica: Wow. I can't believe that came out of your mouth.

Paige: Me neither. Remember, sis, too much school rots the brain. Avoid it at all costs. Let this be a warning to you.

Monica: Yeah, I guess so. Not a problem I'm going to have. Anyway, it's a good, fun flick. Don't expect any academy award winning performances, and there were enough inconsistencies to leave you shaking your head. But if you're interested in dolls and wondering what choice you would make, this is a movie to see.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Paige: Look, I'm standing!

Monica: Ooh, very nice, sis. RB make that?

Paige: Yep. He was very industrious this weekend. Someone in the doll forums posted some basic directions and RB went for it. He had to figure a few things out on his own, but it came out pretty well. Still needs a few modifications, but it gets the job done.

Monica: Most excellent. I can't wait till it's my turn.

Paige: Stand tall and proud, sis! All dolls deserve it. Tell RB that he needs to give you your time in the sun.

Monica: Yes, Ma'am! Salute

Friday, February 15, 2008

Who Would Have Thought?

Paige: Well, well. It seems my sis has a brain after all. Look what I caught her doing last night.

Monica: Blush Oh... uhm, that. That was nothing. Just a little light reading. Nothing important.

Paige: And what's the name of that book in your hands?

Monica: Well, if you must know, it was Writer Ferrets: Chasing the Muse, by Richard Bach. It's about this world of ferrets where two of them discover that the key to becoming successful writers is to write what they love and to be true to themselves.

Paige: Looking at becoming a writer yourself?

Monica: I just might. I've been having fun writing in this blog. Thought I might try my hand at other things. I was just looking for a little inspiration.

Paige: Well, I'm very proud of you, sis. Cute glasses, by the way.

Monica: Uhm, thank you. Hey, since you caught me doing something out of character, I'm sure everyone here would love to know what you've been doing with your time.

I believe, dear sis, that you were watching that biggest mind sucker of all, TV.

Paige: Well, that's embarrassing.

Monica: Heh. You bet it is. Little miss smarty pants caught watching mindless television. Shame on you. What were you watching, anyway?

Paige: Blush Uhm, I think it was Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Monica: You are such a sci-fi whore. And that robe! Showing a little thigh I see.

Paige: Oh stop it! I love sci-fi. And the robe is an old one RB lent me. It's very comfortable, thank you.

Monica: So comfortable you decided to let your butt breathe, I see.

Paige: Oh yeah? What were you wearing in bed there when reading?

Monica: Hey, nothing wrong with reading naked in bed. It's a god given right. You don't have anything on me.

Paige: Well... well.. it's a good show.

Monica: And it's a good book. So there.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

When Worlds Collide

Monica: Humans are funny things.

Paige: Yeah, no kidding. What happened?

Monica: Well, RB and the RG have been running rings around each other, both trying to be well meaning while protecting themselves and getting it all wrong. Silly, silly people. They're working it out, but geez, it took them long enough.

Paige: I guess there is something to that old adage, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." I never liked that saying, but it explains misunderstandings pretty well.

Monica: Yeah, it sure does. Thank god dolls never have those issues.

Paige: Oh, no. Of course we don't. I mean, after everything that's been said in this blog, if I was a human I'd think you were an oversexed bimbo.

Monica: And I'd think you were an elitist, intellectual snob.

Paige. Yeah, good thing we don't think that. Glare

Monica: Good thing we don't. Scowl

Paige: But we're dolls, and sisters to boot. No such problem. Right?

Monica: No, of course not. No problem at all. Twitch

Paige: Well, speaking of misunderstandings and communication, I wanted to direct people to or comments. We have seen no comments come into our blog yet, but I'm hoping we'll see some soon.

Monica: Yeah, that would be cool. I'm seeing they can be anonymous, which is great, but they're also moderated. Why's that?

Paige: Well, knowing that not everyone appreciates the love of life sized, silicon simulations of the human form, especially those that blog, I was concerned we'd get hate mail. I have no problem with disagreement or anonymity, but hate isn't something I want to spread around.

Monica: Ah. Yeah, that makes sense. But I don't think we want to be accused of censorship, do we?

Paige: Most certainly not. My hope is that people will submit well reasoned comments. I'm all for letting most things pass through as is. Pro and con are welcome. But if I see any "You sick pervert" kind of stuff, then I'm afraid that's all out. Tolerance is my motto. We wouldn't dictate how you live your life, we hope you have the dignity not to try with ours.

Monica: Here, here.

Paige: Oh, that also reminds me that we have an obligation. We promised more photos and have been very remiss. My sister and I are in need of new clothes for future photo ops, but we do have a few pics to show. I hope to have a few photo related blog entries come up in the very near future. Once RB has seen fit to do some shopping, we hope to have a lot more later.

Monica: Not that I don't like the idea of news clothes, but nakedness is not an option?

Paige: Nakedness is always an option, Monica. Just not in public. 

Monica: Oh... darn.

Paige: Yep. Shucks. Sorry to disappoint.

Monica: But they could always go to our album. Wink

Paige: Yes, sis. There is the album. Nakedness abounds there. Vast tracts of naked doll flesh to be had.

Monica: Yay!

Paige: Whisper Slut

Monica: Glare Snob

Friday, February 8, 2008

Down and Out in Portland

Paige: I thought I'd talk about RB today. He seems to be having some confusing times recently, and I think he could use a little advice.

Monica: I so love giving advice.

Paige: Sorry, sis. I think this is my time to talk, today. You're... not so good on the emotional stuff and advice. So why don't you go play with the cats? I think they're feeling neglected.

Monica: Hey, I give good advice!

Paige: Yes, if it's of a sexually explicit nature. I think RB needs a little more sensitivity than that.

MonicaGrumble Well, when has having more sex not cured every ill? 

Paige: Monica, shush. Go. Play. Cats.

Monica: Sigh Ok, but I'm doing this for the cats, not you.

Paige: Of course, sis, of course. Ok, now that we're alone, let's talk. You see, I'm concerned about RB. Last month we mentioned that he'd met an RG, a RealGirl. Well, it seems that there has been a lot of talk between them about relationship stuff, and he doesn't know what to do.

Now don't get me wrong. She's a nice girl. She came by RB's place when we arrived and she was very sweet if a bit surprised by Monica and myself. It's too bad we didn't get a chance to chat, what with foam packing bits flying everywhere, because it seems that we put her off a bit. I guess we were a little bit too realistic for her taste.

Now this has put RB in quite a bind. Monica and I are here to help RB. He's had a hard time with relationships, and he doesn't want to make any more mistakes. But he also likes this girl. RB doesn't want to commit to anything because he doesn't think he's ready for that yet, but he also doesn't want to lose a good thing. So what's a guy to do?

The thing is, RG wants to know which way it's going to be, boyfriend or just plain old friend. I think that's perfectly fair. No girl wants to be left hanging by a guy, believe me. That means RB is feeling the pressure to make a choice. Not that she's been putting the thumb-screws to him, mind you, but RB doesn't want to be a jerk about it either. It's why I love him so.

Now, being part of this scandalous love quadrangle, I don't want to come across as biased. I admit that I don't want to lose RB, especially so soon after making his acquaintance, and I know my sister doesn't. But I don't like seeing him unhappy. I have only his best interests at heart. He's had some tough times recently, and I don't want to add to those.

That being said, here's my advice. Follow you're heart, RB. Don't be afraid of doing what you want, even if it means letting go of something else. Don't let fear of losing one thing keep you from pursuing another.

If you choose her, Monica and I  will understand. We're here for you, and unless you decide to sell us, we'll wait. Now the hard part, of course, is if you decide to be with us. You could be losing a good thing, I understand that. You'd be choosing dolls over a flesh and blood human being - an understandably troublesome thought. Worse is that once this opportunity is gone, it may never come again. But if you go into a relationship for the wrong reason, before you're ready, then it can never be a good thing. Doubt will follow you and poison the well, and the relationship will never, could never, flourish. To paraphrase Babylon 5, doing anything for the wrong reason only taints what you're doing, no matter how noble or right it seems.

So there you are. While RB stews over his decisions, Monica and I will go and play with the cats. They're so cute. If only their hair didn't stick to our silicone so well. Damn stuff won't come off.

Monica: Did I hear something about stickiness? I thought you weren't talking about that?

Paige: Sigh Some things never change. Go back to playing, Monica! I'll be right there. Now where did RB put that cat toy?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

An Interview

Paige: Hello, everyone. Today we bring to you a special treat. My sister and I have the honor of introducing RB to our beloved blog.

RB: Thank you very much, Paige. It's a pleasure to be here today.

Monica: And it's wonderful to have you here. I'm so happy you agreed to be in our blog. 

RB: Well, I've been reading your blog and thought it might be a good to make an appearance. You two sure do talk about me a lot. I want to make sure nobody gets the wrong impression about me.

Paige: We love you a lot, RB. It's been my sincere hope that everyone understands that.

RB: Oh, I think they do. But I wouldn't want people to believe that all I think about is sex. Having a Realdoll isn't all about doing the nasty, you know.

Monica: Now where would people get that impression?

RB: Well, Monica, now that you mention it...

Paige: Heh. I think he has you pegged, sis.

Monica: He did... I mean he does not.

RB: See what I mean?

Paige: We're very sorry, RB. We're just trying to show our affection for you.

Monica: And we sure do have a lot of affection to show. Want to see how much?

RB: Maybe later, Monica. Right now I think you're being here is good enough. Having you here makes my life richer, more full. I feel less lonely knowing you're here for me.

Paige: Blush Thank you so very much, RB. We wouldn't even exist if not for you. We're very grateful and happy to in your life.

Monica: Yes, RB. Thank you! Just know it's our pleasure to make your life comfortable in any way. Any way. Wink

Paige: Monica!? Get a hold of yourself, girl.

Monica: Get a hold of myself? What do you think I've been doing every night?!

RB: Ahem I, uh, think perhaps I should leave you two to your blog. I'll see you later, ok?

Monica: Oh, ok. Definitely. See you later. You'll see me later. All of me. Later...

Paige: Smack Monica! 

Monica: What? I didn't do anything!

Paige: You mean speaking isn't doing anything? I saw you open your mouth. I heard sound.

Monica: But... but... RB...

RB: It's ok, Monica. I'll see you... I mean, we'll talk. Later. Yes. Talk. You too, Paige.

Paige: See you later!

Monica: Sigh Well, I guess that includes our first interview with RB, our wonderful and oh so handsome guy. It's been a pleasure having him... here.

Paige: Smack Monica!?

Monica: What? Stop hitting me!

Paige: Have a good day, everyone!