Friday, February 15, 2008

Who Would Have Thought?

Paige: Well, well. It seems my sis has a brain after all. Look what I caught her doing last night.

Monica: Blush Oh... uhm, that. That was nothing. Just a little light reading. Nothing important.

Paige: And what's the name of that book in your hands?

Monica: Well, if you must know, it was Writer Ferrets: Chasing the Muse, by Richard Bach. It's about this world of ferrets where two of them discover that the key to becoming successful writers is to write what they love and to be true to themselves.

Paige: Looking at becoming a writer yourself?

Monica: I just might. I've been having fun writing in this blog. Thought I might try my hand at other things. I was just looking for a little inspiration.

Paige: Well, I'm very proud of you, sis. Cute glasses, by the way.

Monica: Uhm, thank you. Hey, since you caught me doing something out of character, I'm sure everyone here would love to know what you've been doing with your time.

I believe, dear sis, that you were watching that biggest mind sucker of all, TV.

Paige: Well, that's embarrassing.

Monica: Heh. You bet it is. Little miss smarty pants caught watching mindless television. Shame on you. What were you watching, anyway?

Paige: Blush Uhm, I think it was Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Monica: You are such a sci-fi whore. And that robe! Showing a little thigh I see.

Paige: Oh stop it! I love sci-fi. And the robe is an old one RB lent me. It's very comfortable, thank you.

Monica: So comfortable you decided to let your butt breathe, I see.

Paige: Oh yeah? What were you wearing in bed there when reading?

Monica: Hey, nothing wrong with reading naked in bed. It's a god given right. You don't have anything on me.

Paige: Well... well.. it's a good show.

Monica: And it's a good book. So there.

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