Friday, February 8, 2008

Down and Out in Portland

Paige: I thought I'd talk about RB today. He seems to be having some confusing times recently, and I think he could use a little advice.

Monica: I so love giving advice.

Paige: Sorry, sis. I think this is my time to talk, today. You're... not so good on the emotional stuff and advice. So why don't you go play with the cats? I think they're feeling neglected.

Monica: Hey, I give good advice!

Paige: Yes, if it's of a sexually explicit nature. I think RB needs a little more sensitivity than that.

MonicaGrumble Well, when has having more sex not cured every ill? 

Paige: Monica, shush. Go. Play. Cats.

Monica: Sigh Ok, but I'm doing this for the cats, not you.

Paige: Of course, sis, of course. Ok, now that we're alone, let's talk. You see, I'm concerned about RB. Last month we mentioned that he'd met an RG, a RealGirl. Well, it seems that there has been a lot of talk between them about relationship stuff, and he doesn't know what to do.

Now don't get me wrong. She's a nice girl. She came by RB's place when we arrived and she was very sweet if a bit surprised by Monica and myself. It's too bad we didn't get a chance to chat, what with foam packing bits flying everywhere, because it seems that we put her off a bit. I guess we were a little bit too realistic for her taste.

Now this has put RB in quite a bind. Monica and I are here to help RB. He's had a hard time with relationships, and he doesn't want to make any more mistakes. But he also likes this girl. RB doesn't want to commit to anything because he doesn't think he's ready for that yet, but he also doesn't want to lose a good thing. So what's a guy to do?

The thing is, RG wants to know which way it's going to be, boyfriend or just plain old friend. I think that's perfectly fair. No girl wants to be left hanging by a guy, believe me. That means RB is feeling the pressure to make a choice. Not that she's been putting the thumb-screws to him, mind you, but RB doesn't want to be a jerk about it either. It's why I love him so.

Now, being part of this scandalous love quadrangle, I don't want to come across as biased. I admit that I don't want to lose RB, especially so soon after making his acquaintance, and I know my sister doesn't. But I don't like seeing him unhappy. I have only his best interests at heart. He's had some tough times recently, and I don't want to add to those.

That being said, here's my advice. Follow you're heart, RB. Don't be afraid of doing what you want, even if it means letting go of something else. Don't let fear of losing one thing keep you from pursuing another.

If you choose her, Monica and I  will understand. We're here for you, and unless you decide to sell us, we'll wait. Now the hard part, of course, is if you decide to be with us. You could be losing a good thing, I understand that. You'd be choosing dolls over a flesh and blood human being - an understandably troublesome thought. Worse is that once this opportunity is gone, it may never come again. But if you go into a relationship for the wrong reason, before you're ready, then it can never be a good thing. Doubt will follow you and poison the well, and the relationship will never, could never, flourish. To paraphrase Babylon 5, doing anything for the wrong reason only taints what you're doing, no matter how noble or right it seems.

So there you are. While RB stews over his decisions, Monica and I will go and play with the cats. They're so cute. If only their hair didn't stick to our silicone so well. Damn stuff won't come off.

Monica: Did I hear something about stickiness? I thought you weren't talking about that?

Paige: Sigh Some things never change. Go back to playing, Monica! I'll be right there. Now where did RB put that cat toy?

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