Saturday, February 2, 2008

An Interview

Paige: Hello, everyone. Today we bring to you a special treat. My sister and I have the honor of introducing RB to our beloved blog.

RB: Thank you very much, Paige. It's a pleasure to be here today.

Monica: And it's wonderful to have you here. I'm so happy you agreed to be in our blog. 

RB: Well, I've been reading your blog and thought it might be a good to make an appearance. You two sure do talk about me a lot. I want to make sure nobody gets the wrong impression about me.

Paige: We love you a lot, RB. It's been my sincere hope that everyone understands that.

RB: Oh, I think they do. But I wouldn't want people to believe that all I think about is sex. Having a Realdoll isn't all about doing the nasty, you know.

Monica: Now where would people get that impression?

RB: Well, Monica, now that you mention it...

Paige: Heh. I think he has you pegged, sis.

Monica: He did... I mean he does not.

RB: See what I mean?

Paige: We're very sorry, RB. We're just trying to show our affection for you.

Monica: And we sure do have a lot of affection to show. Want to see how much?

RB: Maybe later, Monica. Right now I think you're being here is good enough. Having you here makes my life richer, more full. I feel less lonely knowing you're here for me.

Paige: Blush Thank you so very much, RB. We wouldn't even exist if not for you. We're very grateful and happy to in your life.

Monica: Yes, RB. Thank you! Just know it's our pleasure to make your life comfortable in any way. Any way. Wink

Paige: Monica!? Get a hold of yourself, girl.

Monica: Get a hold of myself? What do you think I've been doing every night?!

RB: Ahem I, uh, think perhaps I should leave you two to your blog. I'll see you later, ok?

Monica: Oh, ok. Definitely. See you later. You'll see me later. All of me. Later...

Paige: Smack Monica! 

Monica: What? I didn't do anything!

Paige: You mean speaking isn't doing anything? I saw you open your mouth. I heard sound.

Monica: But... but... RB...

RB: It's ok, Monica. I'll see you... I mean, we'll talk. Later. Yes. Talk. You too, Paige.

Paige: See you later!

Monica: Sigh Well, I guess that includes our first interview with RB, our wonderful and oh so handsome guy. It's been a pleasure having him... here.

Paige: Smack Monica!?

Monica: What? Stop hitting me!

Paige: Have a good day, everyone!

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