Thursday, February 14, 2008

When Worlds Collide

Monica: Humans are funny things.

Paige: Yeah, no kidding. What happened?

Monica: Well, RB and the RG have been running rings around each other, both trying to be well meaning while protecting themselves and getting it all wrong. Silly, silly people. They're working it out, but geez, it took them long enough.

Paige: I guess there is something to that old adage, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." I never liked that saying, but it explains misunderstandings pretty well.

Monica: Yeah, it sure does. Thank god dolls never have those issues.

Paige: Oh, no. Of course we don't. I mean, after everything that's been said in this blog, if I was a human I'd think you were an oversexed bimbo.

Monica: And I'd think you were an elitist, intellectual snob.

Paige. Yeah, good thing we don't think that. Glare

Monica: Good thing we don't. Scowl

Paige: But we're dolls, and sisters to boot. No such problem. Right?

Monica: No, of course not. No problem at all. Twitch

Paige: Well, speaking of misunderstandings and communication, I wanted to direct people to or comments. We have seen no comments come into our blog yet, but I'm hoping we'll see some soon.

Monica: Yeah, that would be cool. I'm seeing they can be anonymous, which is great, but they're also moderated. Why's that?

Paige: Well, knowing that not everyone appreciates the love of life sized, silicon simulations of the human form, especially those that blog, I was concerned we'd get hate mail. I have no problem with disagreement or anonymity, but hate isn't something I want to spread around.

Monica: Ah. Yeah, that makes sense. But I don't think we want to be accused of censorship, do we?

Paige: Most certainly not. My hope is that people will submit well reasoned comments. I'm all for letting most things pass through as is. Pro and con are welcome. But if I see any "You sick pervert" kind of stuff, then I'm afraid that's all out. Tolerance is my motto. We wouldn't dictate how you live your life, we hope you have the dignity not to try with ours.

Monica: Here, here.

Paige: Oh, that also reminds me that we have an obligation. We promised more photos and have been very remiss. My sister and I are in need of new clothes for future photo ops, but we do have a few pics to show. I hope to have a few photo related blog entries come up in the very near future. Once RB has seen fit to do some shopping, we hope to have a lot more later.

Monica: Not that I don't like the idea of news clothes, but nakedness is not an option?

Paige: Nakedness is always an option, Monica. Just not in public. 

Monica: Oh... darn.

Paige: Yep. Shucks. Sorry to disappoint.

Monica: But they could always go to our album. Wink

Paige: Yes, sis. There is the album. Nakedness abounds there. Vast tracts of naked doll flesh to be had.

Monica: Yay!

Paige: Whisper Slut

Monica: Glare Snob

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