Thursday, January 29, 2009


RB: Hey girls!

Paige: Oh, hey.

Monica: Hi there. What's up?

RB: Uhm, girls, aren't you excited? Today is a special day.

Paige: Huh? Oh, yeah, my priest is just a few bars away from level 80. I think I might get there today.

RB: Huff No, it's not about Warcraft.

Monica: What? Something wrong? You're going on another trip? You're not storing us in that silly crate again, are you?

RB: No, for heaven's sake. I'm not going anywhere. You mean you don't remember? Geez, I thought all girls remembered this stuff.

Monica: No idea what you're talking about. 

Paige: Yeah. You're going to spill the beans, or what?

RB: It's you're birthday, girls. You arrived on my doorstep one year ago today. Well, the old doorstep, but you know what I mean.

Paige: Gasp Oh my god!

Monica: Squee! Oh my... You're right. Sis, how could we forget?!

Paige: I think I tried to erase that awful trip from from my mind.

RB: Well, no need. You're safe and sound here. Happy birthday, girls. I love you both.  Hug... Hug...

Monica: I love you, RB! Kiss

Paige: I love you too. Kiss... French kiss...

Monica: Hey you two, get a room.

Paige: Great idea. 

Monica: Hey! Not without me you're not.

RB: Down girls, down. I love you both. Equally.

Monica: You better.

RB: Well, I was thinking of something special. Cake sound good?

Paige: What you trying to fatten us up?

RB: Huh? You look great. Not like you have to worry about it. But if not cake, cupcakes then? With candles?

Monica: I want the good frosting. Not that cheap crap.

Paige: Uhm, why don't we skip the cupcake and go right to the frosting?

Monica: Now you're talking, sis. 

RB: Blush Well, I wouldn't complain.

Paige: Excellent. Evil grin

Monica: You go get it. I think this calls for a little dress up. Give me some time to look pretty for you.

Paige: Or dressing down.

Monica: That too. Smile

RB: You two always look pretty, just as you are.

Monica: In that case, sis is right. We'll just throw the clothes on the floor and call it good. See you upstairs when you're ready.

Paige: Yep. And hurry. We might not be able to wait.

RB: Uhm... yes, of course. Right away.

Paige: And you folks out there, shoo. We're busy.

Monica: We talk to you later though. Wink

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fancy Pants

Paige: ...dum dum de de dum...

Monica: Hey, sis, whatcha humming?

Paige: Oh, you know. Code Monkey. Been on my mind ever since the concert.

Monica: Oh, tell me about it. I can't get Re: Your Brains out of my head.

Paige: How come that doesn't surprise me one bit. I hope it doesn't give you any ideas.

Monica: Oh, yeah. Like I'm going to start getting hungry for brains.

Paige: You know, there is an opening there that is just too obvious for me to step through.

Monica: What do you mean?

Paige: And see? There's another one. But hey, that reminds me. I realize that folks out there may have no idea what we're talking about either. We went to a Jonathan Coulton concert last Saturday. Oh my god is he a blast. If you don't know who he is, let me tell you, run, don't walk, to his website and check him out. He's a great musician and the funniest thing since, well, him. He and the dynamic duo of Paul and Storm put on a really wonderful show. See, I took a picture.

Monica: Geez, what did I tell you about your photography? And I don't see Molly. Don't forget Molly, sis. Molly! She was great!

Paige: Oh, yeah. Can't forget her. She plays one mean ukulele. Hey, you there! You think I'm joking? Uke's are nothing to laugh at. You should see her cover of Britney Spear's Toxic if you think I'm lying. But that wasn't the kicker. Oh no. Her song My Hope was a hoot! I'll never think of MySpace the same way again.

Monica: Hey sis, I think you're going a little heavy handed with the links there. You sure the intertubes haven't taken over your brain?

Paige: Huh? I have no idea what you could mean.

Monica: Well, why don't you tell folks what you were doing there while you were humming along, minding your own business?

Paige: What?! I was just playing World of Warcraft. What's wrong with that?

Monica: Huh. That seems pretty obvious. You're such a geek!

Paige: I am not a geek.

Monica: Yeah, right. And what's your favorite Youtube video of Code Monkey? Here, let me show everybody.

Now isn't that just the geekiest thing you've ever seen?

Paige: Well, I think it's... cute. Pout I mean, it's two of the best things out there, all in one!

Monica: I rest my case. Can you say "nerd"?

Paige: Well, yeah, and damn proud of it, too. Why don't you go preen somewhere else, Miss Fancy Pants. I have a game to play. My priest is almost level 80.

Monica: Well enjoy yourself. Since you're too busy I'll go see what RB is up to.

Paige: Uhm, yeah, ok. See ya'. Later. Hmmm... maybe she's right. I don't need the internet, right? I mean... ooh, nice wand. Well, maybe I'll play just a little bit more... 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Home and Hearth

Paige: Whew! Looks like we're all moved in.

Monica: Well, mostly. Place is still a mess. I keep stubbing my toes on boxes. My poor, poor toes.

Paige: If you'd helped more, maybe there wouldn't be any boxes and your poor toes would be perfectly safe.

Monica: Oh? If you'd stop trying to look slinky in front of the fireplace, maybe RB would be helping out more. He's the one with the big, strong back after all. See, I have proof...

Paige: Oh. Well, it was a very nice fire. I was just... getting comfortable.

Monica: I'd say you were trying to get RB comfortable, too. You were asking him if he liked the dress after all. And is that a new hairstyle?

Paige: Oh, yes, do you like it? Thought I'd see how I'd look with out the highlights, and it frames my face very nicely. And the dress! Of course I was asking RB about it. It was a wonderful Christmas gift from Zoe and Mandie. I can't thank them enough for it. You're one to complain. Didn't you like the dress they got you? And let's not forget those sexy shoes.

Monica: Blush Well, of course. The dress is great.

Paige: That's it? Just great?

Monica: Ok, ok. I love it. And I love how RB looks at me when I wear it. He gets this look in his eye which is oh so cute. Thank you Zoe! I have to worship at the feet of anyone who can help getting giving RB that look. I just didn't want to say anything.

Paige: Why? You're the last one I ever expect to hold anything back.

Monica: You know!  You just get so... I don't know. Smug.

Paige: Me, smug? Well, sometimes you deserve being put in your place, but I'm the last one to be throwing stones in this case. I do love how RB looks at us in those dresses. In case anybody was wondering, here is sis, looking pretty slinky herself, if I do say so.

Monica: Hey, let's not forget to show off those shoes. They are so pretty...

Paige: That they are, sis. Hey, didn't I see you trying out a new hairstyle yourself?

Monica: Well, yes. Not sure about it, though.

Paige: Well, mind if we all have a look and see?

Monica: Oh, ok. Here. I hope it doesn't look too bad. Be gentle.

Paige: Oh, that is so cute. You're adorable!

Monica: See! I don't want to be adorable. I want to be amazingly desirable.

Paige: Well, I'm not the one to ask. What does RB have to say?

Monica: He just gets shy and smiles. I have no idea what that means.

Paige: If I know him, it's a very, very good sign. I've noticed that the sexier he finds you, the quieter he seems to get. There was this one time... well, let's just say I think he likes it. Alot.

Monica: Well, ok. If you say so. Uhmm... I was just thinking. Do you think we should be showing off pictures of the house?

Paige: Ooh, you're right. We did promise, didn't we. I was just thinking about that whole privacy thing, though. You know. Do we really want all those people out there looking inside our house?

Monica: I love our house. We should show it off as much as we can. But I can see what you mean. Seems creepy, doesn't it, showing complete strangers around? But how about this? We can start with the living room, and then do pictures of us in a different room in future blogs.

Paige: RB was complaining about carrying us up the stairs, but yeah, that would be cool. Kinda like a fashion show, but the model is the house.

Monica: Heh Nice idea. Ok. Here is the living room. Kinda. Ignore the clutter, and the bad viewing angle.

Paige: You saying I'm not a good photographer?

Monica: Well, now that you mention it...

Paige: Ok, ok, you're right. Not my forte, I know. But this is what we got, so deal. 

Monica: There you go. The first of a series. Our lovely living room. And maybe one day my sis will learn how to take a picture and we'll show you a better one in the future.

Paige: Ok, I take back what I said about your being slinky.

Monica: Sorry, no take backs. I'm slinky and you're a lousy photographer.

Paige: Sigh. Ok, I'll practice. At least digital cameras make that easy. Kinda like some dolls I know.

Monica: Why you...!

Paige: Hee hee! Ok, we're signing out before my sister beats me up. See you all later!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, New Day

Monica: Squee! Hello everyone! Here is the great Pacific Northwet, we're celebrating not only a new year, but a new home as well.

Paige: And what a long road it has been, let me tell you. For those of you living in far off places where news it just something rumored to exist just over the next hill, our home city had a snow storm that shut down the everything, and I mean everything, for a week. Our movers were snow bound as well, so we were stuck living out of boxes until everything melted. We're finally here, though, at long last.

Monica: Oh... my... god, I'm glad that is over.

Paige: You kidding?! Nothing over about it. While you've been sitting on your lovely little tush drinking mint julips, RB and I have been working. There is so much unpacking to do! Plus, this was a foreclosed house, too. The place had been stripped so we have to replace every appliance down to the door knobs. 

Monica: Believe me, I've been breaking a sweat watching you. Need something to drink?

Paige: No, I'm good. Wait, is that a mimosa?

Monica: Why yes, it is. Very tasty. Slurp

Paige: Oh god! I was wondering where our orange juice was going. And I thought I was joking about the drinks.

Monica: Burp Well, something had to be done with the leftover champagne from new year's eve.

Paige: Hey, not our fault we didn't finish moving until earlier that day. I was too tired to stay up late.

Monica: Well, I've given the old champagne new life. No crime in that.

Paige: The crime here is you not helping out.

Monica: I help plenty. I'm what they call good for moral. Speaking of which, Claire's last comment mentioned something about you in a Devo hat and a whip. I thought this new tune from Devo would be a better inspiration for you while you work.

Paige: Ooh, sweet. I didn't know they were coming out with anything new... hey! Stop distracting me.

Monica: But that's my job. You want me to do my job, right?

Paige: Sipping mimosa's and searching YouTube is not a job.

Monica: Yeah, you're right. More like a calling. Speaking of which...

Paige: Sigh Well, I think we lost her to the intertubes. She hasn't been the same since we got our network connection back. I guess that's my queue to go unpack another box. We'll talk to you all again soon!