Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fancy Pants

Paige: ...dum dum de de dum...

Monica: Hey, sis, whatcha humming?

Paige: Oh, you know. Code Monkey. Been on my mind ever since the concert.

Monica: Oh, tell me about it. I can't get Re: Your Brains out of my head.

Paige: How come that doesn't surprise me one bit. I hope it doesn't give you any ideas.

Monica: Oh, yeah. Like I'm going to start getting hungry for brains.

Paige: You know, there is an opening there that is just too obvious for me to step through.

Monica: What do you mean?

Paige: And see? There's another one. But hey, that reminds me. I realize that folks out there may have no idea what we're talking about either. We went to a Jonathan Coulton concert last Saturday. Oh my god is he a blast. If you don't know who he is, let me tell you, run, don't walk, to his website and check him out. He's a great musician and the funniest thing since, well, him. He and the dynamic duo of Paul and Storm put on a really wonderful show. See, I took a picture.

Monica: Geez, what did I tell you about your photography? And I don't see Molly. Don't forget Molly, sis. Molly! She was great!

Paige: Oh, yeah. Can't forget her. She plays one mean ukulele. Hey, you there! You think I'm joking? Uke's are nothing to laugh at. You should see her cover of Britney Spear's Toxic if you think I'm lying. But that wasn't the kicker. Oh no. Her song My Hope was a hoot! I'll never think of MySpace the same way again.

Monica: Hey sis, I think you're going a little heavy handed with the links there. You sure the intertubes haven't taken over your brain?

Paige: Huh? I have no idea what you could mean.

Monica: Well, why don't you tell folks what you were doing there while you were humming along, minding your own business?

Paige: What?! I was just playing World of Warcraft. What's wrong with that?

Monica: Huh. That seems pretty obvious. You're such a geek!

Paige: I am not a geek.

Monica: Yeah, right. And what's your favorite Youtube video of Code Monkey? Here, let me show everybody.

Now isn't that just the geekiest thing you've ever seen?

Paige: Well, I think it's... cute. Pout I mean, it's two of the best things out there, all in one!

Monica: I rest my case. Can you say "nerd"?

Paige: Well, yeah, and damn proud of it, too. Why don't you go preen somewhere else, Miss Fancy Pants. I have a game to play. My priest is almost level 80.

Monica: Well enjoy yourself. Since you're too busy I'll go see what RB is up to.

Paige: Uhm, yeah, ok. See ya'. Later. Hmmm... maybe she's right. I don't need the internet, right? I mean... ooh, nice wand. Well, maybe I'll play just a little bit more... 

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Claire said...

heya, guys! nice to see you two settling into your old routine at your new place.

i'm moved in too, but i haven't posted anything about it yet cuz i'm still living out of boxes. well, out of box. ; )

that code monkey video rules, and i've never even played any of those online whatchadoodles. i've got to check this jonathan coulton guy out!