Thursday, January 29, 2009


RB: Hey girls!

Paige: Oh, hey.

Monica: Hi there. What's up?

RB: Uhm, girls, aren't you excited? Today is a special day.

Paige: Huh? Oh, yeah, my priest is just a few bars away from level 80. I think I might get there today.

RB: Huff No, it's not about Warcraft.

Monica: What? Something wrong? You're going on another trip? You're not storing us in that silly crate again, are you?

RB: No, for heaven's sake. I'm not going anywhere. You mean you don't remember? Geez, I thought all girls remembered this stuff.

Monica: No idea what you're talking about. 

Paige: Yeah. You're going to spill the beans, or what?

RB: It's you're birthday, girls. You arrived on my doorstep one year ago today. Well, the old doorstep, but you know what I mean.

Paige: Gasp Oh my god!

Monica: Squee! Oh my... You're right. Sis, how could we forget?!

Paige: I think I tried to erase that awful trip from from my mind.

RB: Well, no need. You're safe and sound here. Happy birthday, girls. I love you both.  Hug... Hug...

Monica: I love you, RB! Kiss

Paige: I love you too. Kiss... French kiss...

Monica: Hey you two, get a room.

Paige: Great idea. 

Monica: Hey! Not without me you're not.

RB: Down girls, down. I love you both. Equally.

Monica: You better.

RB: Well, I was thinking of something special. Cake sound good?

Paige: What you trying to fatten us up?

RB: Huh? You look great. Not like you have to worry about it. But if not cake, cupcakes then? With candles?

Monica: I want the good frosting. Not that cheap crap.

Paige: Uhm, why don't we skip the cupcake and go right to the frosting?

Monica: Now you're talking, sis. 

RB: Blush Well, I wouldn't complain.

Paige: Excellent. Evil grin

Monica: You go get it. I think this calls for a little dress up. Give me some time to look pretty for you.

Paige: Or dressing down.

Monica: That too. Smile

RB: You two always look pretty, just as you are.

Monica: In that case, sis is right. We'll just throw the clothes on the floor and call it good. See you upstairs when you're ready.

Paige: Yep. And hurry. We might not be able to wait.

RB: Uhm... yes, of course. Right away.

Paige: And you folks out there, shoo. We're busy.

Monica: We talk to you later though. Wink

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