Monday, March 2, 2009

The Watchmen

Paige: Hey sis. I think we're really overdo for a conversation. What do you say?

Monica: Oh oh.

Paige: What?

Monica: This is going to be one of those, isn't it.

Paige: I have no idea what you mean.

Monica: Well, you have that serious look, which I know means that today's title has nothing to do with the upcoming movie and that you want to say something serious. I really hate serious. I told you I hate serious, right? Really. Hate. Serious.

Paige: Well, it can't be all fun and games, now, can it?

Monica: Well, why not?

Paige: Because. RB has been really struggling lately. He's had a lot on his mind, and I think it's our duty to help him sort it out. Don't you?

Monica: Sigh Well, I'll do anything for RB. You know that. But geez, do we have to, you know, be serious?

Paige: Sorry, no other way to do it.

Monica: Oh, ok. I suppose. Slump

Paige: Ok, I wanted to talk to you about guilt.

Monica: Oh you have got to be kidding! Why should I feel guilty about anything?

Paige: See! That's what I need. I didn't mean you should feel guilty. I figured you could help RB figure out all this guilt stuff he's been going through. Who better than you to set him straight?

Monica: Oh, I feel so honored.

Paige: Well, you are the expert.

Monica: Hey, if RB should feel guilty about anything, it's that he's feeling guilty. I know he's one of those new age sensitive guy types, and that's sweet and all, but really, he needs to get a grip. He's not doing anyone any favors. Guilt isn't about dealing with your stuff, its about running away.

Paige: Ooh You got that right. He really has been running away from things. Poor guy has even been hiding away from his friends. That's why I thought we'd speak up. If he won't, who else will?

Monica: Well, if you put it that way, then he should forget all this guilt crap. If anything he should be ashamed of himself.

Paige: Hey, be nice!

Monica: No, really. I mean, RB hates causing others pain, right? The guy can't smash a mosquito without feeling bad. So if he's feeling guilty it's because he feels bad about hurting others. But by running away that's exactly what he's doing. What did you tell me about that class you took? Shame based versus guilt based cultures, right? Well, someone needs to slap him upside the head and set him straight because all that internal struggle stuff isn't doing him any good. Now that's a good use for shame.

Paige: You shouldn't use my words against me, or RB. It's not good.

Monica: But am I wrong?

Paige: No, you're not wrong. Sigh

Monica: So there. I'm always right.

Paige: Oh, I didn't say that.

Monica: You might as well have. The blonde is always right. But hey, not to change the subject, which I most definitely want to do, but what's with today's blog title anyway?

Paige: Well, the movie is coming out tomorrow, and I'm so looking forward to it, but I thought it might make a good metaphor for what RB has been going through.

Monica: How so?

Paige: Well, part of the problem is that he feels he's been taking all the responsibility for stuff. The thing is, one person can never be responsible for everything. It takes at least two to have a conflict. So if someone is screwing up, who takes the responsibility to fix it?

Monica: Oh, I get it! Uhm... everyone has to to take responsibility. Who watches the watchmen? The watchmen watch each other!

Paige: Not bad. Plato would be proud. Yes, that's what I mean.

Monica: Still, I believe we can only be responsible for ourselves. So how does that fit in?

Paige: Yeah, you're right. Still means RB can't do it all by himself. He's feeling guilty because he thinks he fell down on the job, so to speak, but there was no way he could do the job by himself.

Monica: Well then, he should stop feeling guilty, shouldn't he. Smile

Paige: Oh so clever. Yes, you're right. You're always right. I worship at your feet you're so right.

Monica: Ah, now that's the way it should be. Mind massaging my foot while you're down there? Yes, a little to the left. That's it...


Claire said...

well, this post is all mysterious-like since i don't know the backstory or anything. but it sounds like a crummy sitch, for sure.

msg is a guilt-meister too, which means i know where the two of you are coming from. even if i'm clueless about what RB is feeling guilty about. at least he's got you two to set him straight, though.

msg wrote something one time and he let me read it and maybe you guys can use it to help out RB. it had to do with guilt being a functional but homely emotion ... an emotion that can push us away from the wrong thing sometimes, but can never create anything beautiful. it can make life ugly when we're not doing what we think we ought to, but it can never be turned around to inspire us or to shake us to our toes with awe.

guilt is a party-pooper, and let's face it, life ought to be a party.

anyhow, it seems to me that the three of you know how to create beauty together.

that's a big deal, and i sure hope it helps you get RB over his guilt.

lots of love,


Paige and Monica said...

Hey, Claire, Paige here. Yeah, sorry about the vagary. It's hard talking about RB's life without stepping on his private toes. We do our best, though.

Guilt does suck, doesn't it? Sis and I believe that guilt, much like anger, is an informative yet highly misunderstood emotion. It's meant to steer us into action, to help us do the right thing, but unless acted upon in a constructive way when it first comes upon us it can fester into something terrible and damaging. We've been lecturing RB endlessly about this. Hopefully he catches the hint.

Claire said...

keep working at him! i have found that when boys are upset, they can get really, really dense, even when they've got somebody sensible telling them sensible things about how not to be so upset.

so did you guys get out to see the movie?

Paige and Monica said...

Hey Claire!

Yes, we most definitely did. Monica and I are coming up with a blog entry for it. Being a fan of the comic it was pretty sweet. Sis had some issues, but doesn't she always? You'll hear more on it from us soon.

Claire said...

can't wait!