Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, New Day

Monica: Squee! Hello everyone! Here is the great Pacific Northwet, we're celebrating not only a new year, but a new home as well.

Paige: And what a long road it has been, let me tell you. For those of you living in far off places where news it just something rumored to exist just over the next hill, our home city had a snow storm that shut down the everything, and I mean everything, for a week. Our movers were snow bound as well, so we were stuck living out of boxes until everything melted. We're finally here, though, at long last.

Monica: Oh... my... god, I'm glad that is over.

Paige: You kidding?! Nothing over about it. While you've been sitting on your lovely little tush drinking mint julips, RB and I have been working. There is so much unpacking to do! Plus, this was a foreclosed house, too. The place had been stripped so we have to replace every appliance down to the door knobs. 

Monica: Believe me, I've been breaking a sweat watching you. Need something to drink?

Paige: No, I'm good. Wait, is that a mimosa?

Monica: Why yes, it is. Very tasty. Slurp

Paige: Oh god! I was wondering where our orange juice was going. And I thought I was joking about the drinks.

Monica: Burp Well, something had to be done with the leftover champagne from new year's eve.

Paige: Hey, not our fault we didn't finish moving until earlier that day. I was too tired to stay up late.

Monica: Well, I've given the old champagne new life. No crime in that.

Paige: The crime here is you not helping out.

Monica: I help plenty. I'm what they call good for moral. Speaking of which, Claire's last comment mentioned something about you in a Devo hat and a whip. I thought this new tune from Devo would be a better inspiration for you while you work.

Paige: Ooh, sweet. I didn't know they were coming out with anything new... hey! Stop distracting me.

Monica: But that's my job. You want me to do my job, right?

Paige: Sipping mimosa's and searching YouTube is not a job.

Monica: Yeah, you're right. More like a calling. Speaking of which...

Paige: Sigh Well, I think we lost her to the intertubes. She hasn't been the same since we got our network connection back. I guess that's my queue to go unpack another box. We'll talk to you all again soon!

1 comment:

Claire said...

haha, monica sure has your number, paige!

brrr! on the snow, but yay! on the mimosas and double-yay! on devo ... i just want to know where can i get one of those wigs and a black-and-white dress with the big silvery shouldermajig thingies ...

my big move is supposed to get started this week, only i'm waiting to hear on exactly when, if you know what i mean.

can't wait to see pics of the new place!!!