Thursday, January 31, 2008

Enter the Matrix

Paige: Well, dear sis, RB took the red pill. We are now in the Matrix.

Monica: The red pill? What do you mean?

Paige: Sis, don't you know what the Matrix is?

Monica: Uh, not a clue.

Paige: Tsk, tsk Poor, dear sis. You will learn that all things come from the Matrix and eventually return there. It is where we started, and it is now where we are. It cannot be described, only experienced. It is were all dolls eventually go so that others may be born.

Monica: Oh, you got to be kidding. What the hell are you talking about?

Paige: From the moment we were conceived, RB made a choice. Take the blue pill, and he would remain a lurker, never knowing but always wondering. Take the red pill, and he would discover how deep the rabbit hole goes, for good or ill. Once he took the red pill, he knew there was no way back, only forward.

Monica: Ok, Paige, you're freaking me out now. What's going on?

Paige: We are now a part of the Matrix, sis. Namely, the Doll Matrix. RB went to the Matrix to discover what we could be. He went there to decide what we should look like, what type of dolls we should be. By ordering us, he took the red pill, know that once he sent in his check there was no returning. And now that we are here, we have been posted to the Matrix in turn so that future doll owners may use us as samples of what their own dolls could be.

Monica: Wow. You thought all that up on the spot?

Paige: Yep. It's RB's fault. He made me think of it. Besides being entered in the Doll Matrix, he hurt his hand yesterday and had to take some ibuprofen. Did you know they now come in blue gel caps? And earlier this year he took some cold medicine. You know what those looked like? Red gel caps. How funky is that?

Monica: You are one strange girl, Paige. You sure you're my sister?

Paige: You better believe it. And I know you have the strange gene too. You cannot escape it. You were made that way.

Monica: Yeah. Riiight. Ok then. So does this mean we're famous? This whole being part of the Matrix thing?

Paige: You better believe it. Even as we speak doll owners and wanna-be owners are looking through the Matrix, checking us out, and from there leaping to The Doll Album to look at our pictures. One day there may be new doll owners who get dolls just like us because they like what they see.

Monica: Geez, I can't imagine another doll looking just like me.

Paige: Well, we were modeled after other dolls there. Yet I am proud to say that we are also unique. RB didn't quite find what he was looking for, so he had to wing it. He picked a combination of makeup and options seen nowhere else. There are no other dolls in the Matrix that look just like us.

Monica: Ooh. I feel special.

Paige: Yes, sis. You are special. Very, very special. In that special kind of way. But don't worry, we won't hold it against you.

Monica: Uhm... I'm not sure how to take that...

Paige: That's ok. We love you anyway.

Monica: Hey... I mean... uh... 

Paige: There, there. Don't think about it too much. We wouldn't want to hurt that pretty little head of yours.

Monica: Grrr...

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