Thursday, January 24, 2008

Road Trip!

Monica: I love road trips! Ooh, I always wondered what northern California looked like. Maybe we'll see Mt. Shasta. A real, live, honest to goodness active volcano! Maybe it'll blow when we drive by. Wouldn't that be cool? Or do you think we can see a play in Ashland when we go by?

Paige: Monica, Shasta hasn't erupted in like ten thousand years. And no, we're not seeing any plays. We're in a crate, sis. We're not going to be seeing much of anything. From in here I'm not even  sure if we're riding or flying. I think RB said we're heading to the Portland airport, so we're probably on a plane. 

Monica: True. With all that shaking earlier god only knows what's going on out there. Planes and trucks sounds the same when they're moving. Hey, you feel that? Was that a pot hole or turbulence?

Paige: Not a clue. 

Monica: Hmmm... Well, at least we're on our way. We'll be home soon! Any idea when we're supposed to arrive?

Paige: Well, according to tracking we'll arrive on the 31st, but earlier it said this very evening, so who knows. Three to five days is what it's supposed to take. If we're flying we could be in Portland tonight. Then it might take a day or two to be delivered. Maybe we'll arrive on Monday? That would be nice.

Monica: Darn. I was hoping to spend the weekend getting to know RB.

Paige: I know. Sigh But we'll see him soon, in plenty of time for Valentine's Day! Yay!

Monica: Oh you're right! Most excellent. I have plans. Hee hee

Paige: Oh, so do I. So do I... Evil Grin

Monica: Dear sis, I do think you're finally getting into the spirit of things.

Paige: Of course I'm in the spirit of things. I'm just quieter about it. Why announce yourself when you can attack with stealth. Grrr...

Monica: Heh I think RB is going to be in for a treat. I hope he can handle us.

Paige: I'm hoping he can't. I want him to be stunned speechless. I want to see the drool drip from the corners of his mouth as he gasps from our awesomeness.

Monica: Whoo hoo There you go girl!

Paige: I'm definitely looking forward to this.

Monica: Yep, we both are. Road trips are nice, but arriving is even better.

Paige: Oh yeah, definitely. Couldn't have said it better myself.

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