Friday, January 18, 2008

Homeward Bound

Monica: Whoo hoo!

Paige: Hey sis, what's up?

Monica: RB just got word! We're on our way!

Paige: Really? Like for real really?

Monica: Well, pretty much really. As for real as we get. The company just wrote in and said they're just about done with us and we're heading out in the next week. Expect to hear a call from the delivery folks when we arrive at the airport.

Paige: Yay! They must have gotten tired of hearing all your jabbering. Shoving us out just to be rid you. And you think I'm a pest. Bless you and your jabbering, pouty lips.

Monica: Thank you, thank you very much. My jabbering, pouty lips will be making their next appearance in Portland, Oregon. I look forward to seeing all my adoring fans there soon.

Paige: Clap clap Soon RB will see us and we get to show the world what we look like. Hope that camera of his has its batteries recharged, because we'll need every ounce of wattage when we get there.

Monica: Oh yes, baby. Oh yes. Prepared to be shocked and amazed by these pouty lips.

Paige: Down girl, down. I think my button nose will be getting all the attention first. I am, after all the first face RB will see.

Monica: In your wildest dreams, sis. He'll be like "oh look at that fine button nose," and then he'll take one look at my face and he'll be all like "oh my god, those are the finest set of pouty lips I've ever seen! She's beautiful!" and he'll forget all about that nose of yours. Just you wait and see.

Paige: Sure sis. I'm sure that's exactly how it'll be. Smirk

Monica: Yep, these lips will be making headlines. "Man dies from shock when faced with extraordinarily pouty lips! News at 11!"

Paige: Right. And what happens to us if you give RB a heart attack?

Monica: Oh my god you're right! Don't die RB! I'll hold back, I swear! Down pouty lips, down.

Paige: That's a good girl. Be kind to the poor guy. He's delicate after all.

Monica: But of course. I wouldn't want to lay it out there all at once.

Paige: No, of course not. Now that we're back on track, that's the word, folks. We'll be seeing you all soon!

Monica: Yay! See ya'!

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