Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life, the Universe, and Everything

Paige: Hey everyone, I'm home!

Monica: Hey, Paige.

Paige: Hey. Where's RB? I just wanted to thank him for... something. You ever get that feeling that something's changed but can't quite figure out what? That reminds me, what are you doing home?

Monica: Oh, RB is still at work, and I wasn't feeling well today so I stayed home. I have a cold and doesn't it figure, I think I hurt my wrist. Damned carpel tunnel. And yeah, I know what you mean. I got this feeling like... like I don't know. I called into work and it felt funny, wrong somehow. But it's work. The idea of work is just wrong, so it's probably nothing.

Paige: Well, I just had a great class. Have to write a psych paper for the end of the term, though. It's supposed to be explaining some behavioral process in a fun and interesting way. I thought I'd explain behaviorism in the same style as Plato's Republic. You know, using a Socratic dialog and all that.

Monica: Uhm, yeah... Ok. You go do that. I'll just... watch TV and relax, pet a cat, keep my head from spinning.

Paige: You should have RB look at that. He fixed my wrist awhile back. Some of that oriental whatever he calls it should do the trick.

Monica: Oh, he said he would. That modeling gig for Coverdoll way back really did a number on me. I don't think my body was meant to go that way.

Paige: That's true. Remember, you're not Gumby. Well, Pokey maybe, but not Gumby.

Monica: Grrr Yeah, right. You better go write your paper or you'll be feeling like Mr. Bill.

Paige: Heh Will do. Geez, wish I could remember what I was going to thanks RB about.

Monica: When you figure it out let me know. Till then, can you pass that over to me? I forgot my drink on the counter.

Paige: Uhm, is a Mudslide a good thing to drink when you have a cold?

Monica: I figure the alcohol will kill all the bad stuff running around my body. Oh, remember to tell RB he's out of Kahlua.

Paige: Huh. Some things feel different, but other things feel the same. Strange.

Monica: Yep, strange. Bottoms up...

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