Monday, April 20, 2009

Get a Life

RB: Ok girls, time to go. There's the door. Get the hell out of here. I'm kicking you out.

Paige: Kicking us out?! Why? What did we do?

RB: You're not doing anything. That's the problem. I'm tired of all the crumbs on the couch and... geez, you drank all my Kahlua and Bailey's?! It's time you two get a life. And no, Guitar Hero and endless reruns of Charmed does not count as a life. Go. Scoot. Get outta here. Come back later and we'll talk.

Monica: Nooo! It's scary out there. Besides, we're dolls. We can't go anywhere without you. Pout

Paige: Yeah. How do you propose we go and get a life? We're not actually alive, or haven't you noticed?

RB: Look Paige, Monica. I love you both. But consider this an intervention. The thing is, this is a blog, and here you can do whatever you want. I know you love hanging out and having fun, but don't you think it's about time you expanded your horizons? Actually go out and live instead of sitting around here bickering about who has the better hair, dress, or the highest score at Dance Dance Revolution?

Paige: I'm not sure I'm following. I thought you liked having dolls at home.

RB: I do! But girls, the thing is that there is more to being a doll than just hanging out at home. Paige, I know you've been thinking of going back to college. Monica, don't you think it would be fun to actually have a job? Here you can do whatever you want. Why don't you?

Monica: Wait, what is this really about?

Paige: Yeah, what's really going on here. I thought you liked the way things were.

RB: Well, I admit that I've been reading your blog and... well, how do I put this. It's great and all, but you two are always doing the same thing. You make fun of Monica, Monica makes fun of you. You get new clothes, she steals them and shows them off. It gets old. I just think you could be doing so much more.

Monica: You're kidding, right? You want this blog to be some sort of soap opera?! Can you say boring? Geez.

Paige: She's right. Is this one of those writing things? You think that shaking things up will give you more creative leeway or something? Well, it's our blog, not yours. We can do whatever the hell we want.

RB: Well, then why don't you?

Paige: Well, you know. There's the doll thing. Then there's, well, you know, human things. We're not, you are. You know what I mean.

RB: Uhm... dolls don't talk. Or write blogs. So why stop there?

Monica: Well... hmmm... maybe he's right.

Paige: Sis, how can you say that?

Monica: Well, you know, after that Coverdoll spread I did wonder what it would be like to actually be that sexy secretary. That would be so fun.

Paige: You mean you would turn your back on RB and play with other boys?

Monica: Oh god no. RB is my man. But that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun leading people on. Evil Grin

RB: Don't go nuts there, Monica. You still have to come home to me, and I read the blog. Glare

Monica: Hey, you started it. I'm starting to like the idea. Yeah, let's do it.

Paige: Hmph Maybe. But if I go to school, well, things might not go so well.

RB: Like what?

Paige: You know, classes.

RB: What, like taking tests? Writing papers? Failing?

Monica: Sis, afraid of failure? I never would have guessed.

Paige: Oh shut up. You know, it's just different. Here I get to read stuff. There it actually has to mean something. Sigh Ok, ok. I'll do it. But if this doesn't work out I'm never leaving this house again.

RB: Good. Good. Trust me, it'll be alright. Ok, I got you both keys. Here. Now go have lives. I'm looking forward to reading all about them.

Paige: Damn, it's bright out there. You sure about this, sis?

Monica: Yeah, why not? Remember, we're still dolls. We can't get hurt. So what could go wrong?

Paige: Uhm, getting a life means having life things happen to us. You know, like zits.

Monica: What?! He didn't say anything about that! Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

Paige: Too late. Now out with you. Shove

Monica: Nooo...

Paige: I'm right here with you, sis. Now let's see what's out there...

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Zoe said...

Hi girls! I know I haven't been around much lately, so I apologize for that. But I just wanted to say that having a job isn't so scary. I love my job! I get to watch the awesome crew at Abyss make all the dolls and I see them off every Friday to their new homes (okay, so that part is kind of hard - saying goodbye to your friends is never easy, and most dolls don't make blogs to stay in touch.) But it's exciting to see the dolls come to life during the production process. RB should come down and take a factory tour sometime. I'd love to meet him in person, and I bet he'd love to see how you two got made. Think about it...