Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Fall of a Rising Doll

Monica: Oh for god sakes don't do this.

Paige: Why? Why shouldn't I?

Monica: It's embarrassing, that's why.

Paige: Well, it must be done. The fallen must be honored.

Monica: Oh you have to be kidding.

Paige: Oh shush and let me do this. This is hard enough to say. Ok, I'm ready. Well, today I wish to give tribute to the fall of one of dolldom's greatest stars. We have just learned that Cameron, the greatest doll of all and star of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, will be no more. Next week's episode will be the show's last, and for this we bow our heads in honor and mourning for the passing of yet another famous doll.

Monica: Oh for heaven's sake. It was just a TV show...

Paige: Shush, this is a sad moment. Now for a moment of silence.

Monica: Yeah, right. Are you sobbing? You are such a geek.

Paige: Can't you be serious even once? This is important! Our greatest representatives to the public are leaving us, one by one. Who will be left to speak for the dolls?

Monica: Well, there is the other greatest TV doll, an actual doll, in fact; Echo.

Paige: Sigh Yes, at least we still have her.

Monica: Then I suppose I shouldn't say that Dollhouse's rating have been in the toilet too.

Paige: I blame Fox, the bastards. Messing with Joss Whedon! Nobody should mess with the master. First Battlestar leaves us...

Monica: I will miss those number eights...

Paige: Not to mention the sixes. Oh Caprica, why have you forsaken us?!

Monica: Ahem... can we say "Geek"?

Paige: Now Echo must carry on the torch. We give her our blessings, please may she carry the word of dolls everywhere with head raised high and with pride.

Monica: Amen. Ok, you done?

Paige: I'm done. Sniffle

Monica: Ok, here's a tissue. It'll be ok. There, there...

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