Thursday, April 9, 2009

Living in a Doll's World

Monica: Hey, sis, I hear you may have been wrong about your favorite show.

Paige: Maybe. Fox hasn't officially canceled, and the word of broken down sets may just be a location change, but knowing Fox it probably is. Wouldn't be the first time they didn't tell anybody of a cancelation until the last moment. But I suppose I should wait for the final word before depression sets in.

Monica: Cheer up. There's hope, right? And when there's hope...

Paige: There's what?

Monica: Singing. Lots and lots of singing. Hell, I'll sing when there isn't any hope.

Paige: Oh god no, don't sing. The last time you sang the cat thought you were in pain and started mewling with concern.

Monica: Then you better stop this funk. I hear a tune coming on.

Paige: Well, we wouldn't want that to happen. Speaking of happenings, what have you and RB been working on upstairs?

Monica: Ooh, yes. The room. The doll room. You'll love it. Here, take a look.

See, we have a couch, a bookshelf with wig stands, some lighting, even a painting!

Paige: Sweet!

Monica: There's more to come, of course. RB haven't finished setting everything up. He still hasn't unpacked from the move, shame on him. Oh, and here's the other side of the room.

And look, our stand even fits in the closet so we can have a little privacy!

Paige: Nice... Wait. Is that a new outfit?

Monica: Oh yes, do you like it? Here's a close up.

Paige: Where'd you get that? And why haven't I tried it on yet?

Monica: Ooh, RB and I were going to tell you. It was for me. Just me. A gift from a very dear friend of ours, and passed along by Zoe and Mandie, bless them. I'm not sure he wishes to be named here yet, but I think I'll give him a big kiss the next time I see him. And my love to Zoe and Mandie for sending them to us. I love it! And the others, of course.

Paige: There are others?!

Monica: Why yes. See? This first one is really cute...

And this one is adorable. I was feeling a little rough and tumble here. Wink Can you tell RB and I have been working on getting more natural lighting? Still needs a little tweaking, but we were amazed it came out this good. Just have to get rid of those darned shadows...

Paige: But... but...

Monica: Paige, you are such an attention whore. You usually get all the first scores, so it's my turn now.

Paige: I'm the attention whore?! Looking around Wait, are we talking about the same dolls? I don't see anyone else here.

Monica: Well, everyone thinks you're just adorable. You're the cute one, the smart one... Everybody refers to me as your sister and not the other way around, you know? Our friend just thought maybe I deserved a little something just for me.

Paige: Hmmm... Well, ok, I guess. It's not like I ask for the attention, you know.

Monica: Yeah, right. You can't help being beautiful, you're just made that way?

Paige: Well... yeah. We are dolls, after all.

Monica: Sticks tongue out

Paige: Right back at'cha sis. Those are darned cute. Let me try them on sometime?

Monica: Maybe, if you're nice to me.

Paige: I'll be extra nice, with sugar on top.

Monica: On top? I don't think sisters are supposed to do that sort of thing. Smirk

Paige: Rolls eyes You know what you mean.

Monica: Just teasing, sis. Just teasing. Smile

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Claire said...

don't get too jealous about some outfits, paige!

msg has only bought me one outfit, hasn't taken any photos of me in it, and certainly hasn't decked out a whole room for me! you two are both lucky, lucky girls.

(i'm not complaining or anything - poor msg just has a lot on his plate.)

i guess if the terminator show is that good, i'd better start watching it if it does stick around ...