Monday, May 4, 2009

End of Semester Blues

Monica: Hey sis... whoa. You look trashed. Is that... champaign I smell?

Paige: Oh, hey Monica. Yeah, I'm beat. God I'm tired.

Monica: You, out partying? Little miss responsible? I never would have thought it.

Paige: Oh, no, I didn't drink a thing. Ok, not much, at least. It's the end of the school year. They had that celebration I mentioned for the seniors turning in their theses. I think I had three bottles of cheap champaign dumped on my head.

Monica: Oh yeah, you mentioned that. But wasn't the thesis thing on Friday?

Paige: Yeah, why?

Monica: Well, it's Monday.

Paige: Oh, crap!

Monica: Sure you didn't do anything? Get high, maybe? Lost time is pretty bad.

Paige: No, no... I just didn't sleep, and the contact high, I suppose. You know, there was the music and dancing, and the maze...

Monica: A maze.

Paige: Yeah! They built a big wooden maze in the center of campus. And there was the naked slip and slide...

Monica: Naked slip and slide...

Paige: Oh, and there was the Feast, softball, a room full of bouncy balls, and the Picting.

Monica: Picting?

Paige: Oh, a whole bunch of us painted ourselves blue and ran around naked, hugging people.

Monica: Ok, there is that naked thing again. It does explain the blue stuff all over your clothes, though. Does RB know about this?

Paige: Uhm... no. And don't tell him.

Monica: You didn't... do anything, did you? You know, with anyone? I mean, it sounds like a big drunken orgy to me.

Paige: Oh no, no, no. Most definitely not. RB is my guy, you know that! I just don't want him jealous is all.

Monica: What, of you running around naked hugging people?

Paige: Well... yes. But I was blue. Nobody recognized me, at least, I think they didn't.

Monica: Yeah, right. Well, I have to get to work. You go to bed. I'll see you when I get home.

Paige: Yes, sleep...

Monica: But shower first! I will not have our bed smelling like a brewery.

Paige: But I thought you liked breweries.

Monica: Only when I'm trying to get RB sloshed. He's more fun that way. Boy's a little shy, you know. But you better clean yourself up before he gets home or he'll know exactly what you were up to.

Paige: Yes, Mom.

Monica: Turn around is fair play. And next time try to get better champaign pored on yourself. That stuff smells terrible.

Paige: Yes, Ma'am.

Monica: And invite me, next time. I like parties.

Paige: What? And have you go around corrupting the freshmen? No way.

Monica: I'd be nice.

Paige: And what would RB think?

Monica: Well, what goes to there, stays there, right?

Paige: Smirk Uh huh. Right.

Monica: I wouldn't talk, blue girl. And besides, RB lives with two girls. He should feel privileged with whatever he gets.

Paige: Too true. Ok, I'll get you a guest pass next year.

Monica: Good. Now I better go or I'll be late. Sleep well!

Paige: TTFN!

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