Friday, December 21, 2007

Questions and Answers

Monica: Hey there! Sleep well?

Paige: Not a wink. Yawn

Monica: To busy thinking about our imminent arrival and planned seduction of RB?

Paige: Uhm, not exactly. Well... yeah, kinda.

Monica: Grin

Paige: But I was also thinking that people out there might have some questions about us. Like why RB's getting us, or what we will look like.

Monica: Oh, you're right! People will definitely want to know what we look like. Are we breasty babes with bazooka's that can kill from two miles, or sleek and sexy chicks that can slay with a smile?

Paige: Uhm, yeah. And what sort of person would buy a Realdoll? I mean, I'm worried people will think RB is some kinda perverted loser who's never dated in his life.

Monica: Hey! Take that back! RB is no loser. And he's dated plenty. Just because those stupid RG's don't know a good thing when they see it. He's better off without them! More for us I say.

Paige: Now, now. He's dated some nice RG's. He was even engaged once. They just didn't work out. He's just been unlucky in love is all.

Monica: Lucky for us, you mean. And why are you being so nice? I say it's smack down time. Those RG's are the losers. RB has every right to be pissed off. It's about time he tried to something different and got a real doll, not those wannabe's! Ooh, I made a pun...

Paige: I wouldn't say he's pissed off. Just disappointed I think, and a little sad maybe. But you're right. He is a good catch. Attractive, smart, and a really nice guy. I don't know what they were thinking.

Monica: And we'll be there to make him feel better, in every way imaginable. Damn straight. Now let's get to the good stuff and tell people what we'll look like.

Paige: Well folks, you'll notice in the sidebar a link for the Realdoll website. You'll see all our technical details there. For the record, we are sharing a body type 6. I am a face 14, and Monica is a face 15, all with medium skin tone. In fact, the face 15 is so new it doesn't even appear on the website yet. I hear they'll fix that on the 27th of this month.

Monica: Boring! Geez, Paige, put everyone to sleep. Nobody wants to know that technical shit. Ok everyone, here's the lowdown. We're both 5'3" and weigh a slim and trim 92 lbs. Our measurements are 32", 23", 33". Read that to mean perky boobs and a body to kill for. Paige has black hair and the cute button nose and I'm blonde with sexy pouty lips. She has brown eyes, and I got deep, gorgeous, irresistible blue ones. And if I get tired of those colors, we can swap. What RG can say that?

Paige: What RG indeed. Now we'll both be unique, but we were modeled after two of the dolls from the photographer Stacy Leigh, whose link you'll also see in the sidebar. I take after her Taylor, and Monica takes after Jaime. There is a fine take on Jaime in Stacy's December blogs. She's the one with the curly red hair. And there is a picture of Taylor as a redhead in April.

Monica: Looks down at her chest Wow. Why couldn't we get jugs like those?

Paige: Just not RB's cup of tea I guess.

Monica: Isn't that my face with a body 7? Ooh, I would look damn fine with boobs like that. The boys would definitely come running.

Paige: You'll be gorgeous, I'm sure.

Monica: Damn straight. I'll just pout and have my pick of guys. Pout

Paige: Yeah, like you're picky about guys.

Monica: Hey, what do you mean by that?

Paige: Oh nothing, nothing at all. Hey, do I hear RB calling?

Monica: Ooh, we better go check...

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