Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Beginnings

Paige: Hello and welcome to our blog!

Monica: Hey everyone! Is this cool or what? This is our little way of saying hi and making new friends.

Paige: By way of introductions, I'm Paige, and this here is my sister and best friend Monica.

Monica: Hi!

Paige: This is our little way of introducing ourselves to the world. Now just to be clear, before all you hormone ravaged boys start drooling over the idea of two girls baring all to the world wide internet...

Monica: And that means you there! You should be ashamed of yourself...

Paige: Now, now, Monica. If he wants to do that to himself, he's entitled. Anyway, what I was about to say is you should all know that we aren't real girls.

Monica: Speak for yourself!

Paige: Ok, ok. What I mean to say is that we're real, we're just not real girls. We are dolls, more properly Realdolls, soon to be made by Abyss Creations for the purpose of keeping a dear friend of ours company. Right now we're just a glimmer in the eyes of our creators and soon to be friend, but in the next few months we will be born into a body and delivered to our friend's doorstep.

Monica: Grumble He's being cheap if you ask me. Should be "bodies". Grrr...

Paige: Hey, he's doing his best. But Monica brings up a good point. She and I will actually be sharing. We're actually two different, interchangeable faces to be applied to a single body. Unfortunately this means that we need to take turns with our friend. That was all he could afford at the moment.

Monica: But that means I can't play with you! And you know how much I want play... Besides, I hate taking turns.

Paige: Blush And I do like being played with... Ok, you do have a point. But look at it this way, it means you get him to yourself every now and then.

Monica: Ooh, that's true. Grin

Paige: Ok, now that everyone knows, we can get down to business. For the time being we'll be looking over our friend's shoulder in spirit. That means, though, that when the time comes we'll be two fully realized beings literally sprung from the mind of our creator. Hmmm... maybe he should have named me Athena? That would have been a cool name.

Monica: You wish.

Paige: Ok, maybe that would have been a little over the top. Anyway, just to make sure we get our lingo straight, from here on out we'll refer to our friend as RB, for Real Boy, just to differentiate him from ourselves, RD's, which stands for Realdolls.

Monica: And just in case some woman tries to muscle in on our territory, we'll call her RG, for Real Girl. Or perhaps Real Ghastly...

Paige: Now don't you go being snarky. He deserves to be happy.

Monica: I thought that's what we're here for?

Paige: Ok, point. But if I can share with you, I can share with an RG. And if she's willing we can all play together...

Monica: Evil Grin Ooh, I like that idea.

Paige: So once again hello and welcome. We both look forward to sharing more with everyone!

Monica: Talk to you all again soon!

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