Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Foreign Fashion

Monica: Hey everyone! One of the best parts of our recent trip was the fashion. Kyoto was the best for that.

Paige: Monica was a fashion whore, let me tell you. Better than the alternatives, but still...

Monica: Hey! Like I didn't see you ogling all those Japanese goth clothes. In fact, didn't RB get most of the clothes for you?

Paige: Ok, you got me. I do have to admit, Hot Topic here seems tame compared to what you can get there. But RB did get you a Kimono.

Monica: Yes, yes he did. Unfortunately we still need to figure out how to put it on. Pictures will just have to wait on that one. Till then, here is a sample of Paige's recent fashion faux pas.

Paige: I think I look quite chic. Its goth meets Japanese school girl. Quite the fashion there from what I could tell.

Monica: Oh, yeah, very sexy if skull and cross-bones make you hot and sweaty.

Paige: Let's just say that RB wouldn't have gotten this for me if he didn't enjoy a little gothic snuggling. Here, is this a bit more tame for you?

Monica: Oh, yes. That's pretty cute. It makes you look all country hillbilly like. Except for... what is that, a Mike's Hard Lemonade? That's awfully froofy, even for you.

Paige: I recall there was a Hefeweisen in the fridge for you.

Monica: At least that is a real beer. It has an air of respectability, I think, especially with a lemon wedge.

Paige: Like you'd know respectability. What did I catch you wearing from Hong Kong? Was that another take on the whole Japanese school girl outfit thing? Could it be Japanese school slut, perhaps? Why don't we see a picture of that...

Monica: Uhm... ok, not one of my better moments.

Paige: Oh, I think RB thought it a very fine moment. I'm sure a few of those respectable beers helped too. Don't you think, dear sis?

Monica: Uh... maybe?

Paige: I don't think maybe's had anything to do with it.

Monica: Well, just wait till you catch me in the Kimono. I'll show you what respectable looks like.

Paige: Yes, once you figure out how to tie that obi. This from the doll who can't even tie her own shoes. Good luck with that.

Monica: You'll see. Till then, we'll just have to leave our fine readers hanging for our next installment.

Paige: Yep. And as a final thought, remember that life is too short for cheap beer. Till next time, then. Ta ta, everyone!

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