Sunday, July 27, 2008

World Travelers

Paige: It is so good to be back.

Monica: You kidding me? I wish we never left. Any chance we could move to Japan permanently? Or Hong Kong? I could do Hong Kong. Maybe?

Paige: Oh for crying out loud. Didn't you miss anything here in the states?

Monica: Uhm, rude people? Crime? George W. Bush?

Paige: Oh, yeah, right. Geez, silly of me wasn't it. I'll talk to RB about when we can move. Japan, though. Hong Kong is not so good with the rude people and crime.

Monica: Still ahead of the game without our lovely President.

Paige: Good point.

Monica: Anyway, it was a total blast. We ranged from Tokyo to Osaka, taking the bullet train back and forth...

Went to the castle in Osaka...

and saw the rabid deer in Nara.

Paige: Those dear weren't rabid, just very... insistent. Of course, don't forget the beautiful giant Buddha in Nara as well...

the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto...

the oh so great shopping in Kyoto...

and visiting the fabulous Namjatown at Sunshine City mall in Tokyo.

Monica: Hong Kong was amazing. It was shopping heaven. You could get anything there.

Paige: Anything fake, at least.

Monica: Hey, if the clock ticks don't look at that gift Rolex too closely. Besides that, the high-rises were fabulous...

and every night they had a massive laser light show over the entire city.

It does not get any better than that.

Paige: It was something else. I must say it was the most singularly capitalistic city any of us had ever been to. Wow.

Monica: I knew I should have gotten a suit there. Those were damn cheap.

Paige: And what would you have done with a suit?

Monica: Well, you never know. Maybe have it ripped off of me by RB?

Paige: Right. Might as well just strip down now and have done with it.

Monica: Ooh, good idea. Smile

Paige: Well I for one am glad to be back. It was a long trip. I hope this means the end of our long writing gaps.

Monica: That's true. I've missed talking to everyone. But now we have so much to talk about.

Paige: That we do. We'll be telling stories about our trip for awhile.

Monica: And don't forget our new fashions!

Paige: Yes, we have quite a bit to show as well. So check in later. Much fun is yet to be had still. See you all later!

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