Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Love and Kisses from Japan

Paige: Sorry for being so quiet, but we're on vacation.

Monica: In Japan!

Paige: It's hard getting computer access out here, and we're paying by the minute, so we need to keep it short. Hope all is well with everyone out there. It's been an absolute blast!

Monica: I love this country!

Paige: That's because everyone in Japan loves a blonde, sis. Here everyone looks like me. They hardly notice.

Monica: Well, I can't say I'm sorry for the attention. Besides, RB still notices you, my dear. He sure loves those Japanese chicks, and you're right up his alley.

Paige: Grin Yep, I sure am.

Monica: Hey, did you see the clothes he got us? You'll be looking like a Japanese school slut in no time flat.

Paige: And you he gets a kimono. Go figure. Nothing is fair in this world.

Monica: Turn about is fair play, my dear.

Paige: I'm sure I'd have a witty retort for that if we weren't out of time. So take care everyone and we'll see you back in the states.

Monica: Sayonara!


Sidore-chan said...

Ooh, you're in Japan? Lovely! I'm extremely jealous, as you can imagine ;-)

If you ever get round to Nara, be sure to visit the deer park. Purchase some special deer biscuits and pet some deer. You'll be glad you did!

Paige and Monica said...

Hello, Sidore-chan! We just got back today. Funny thing, Nara was one of the first places we went. The deer were indeed lovely, but they were pushy little buggers. The sight of a biscuit was like throwing chum in shark infested waters. Seeing them chase down small children to get some food was a bit disturbing.

RB had a spiritual moment when he got blessed by a monk outside the temple. When he put some money in the monk's bowl the smile he got in return was like seeing the skies open up and being hit by his own personal ray of sunshine.

We'll make a full report soon. Jet lag is dragging us down at the moment. Monica is zonked out cold and RB is feeling pretty shaky and desperately trying to stay awake to get back on schedule.

Talk to you soon. :)

Paige and Monica said...
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Paige and Monica said...
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Paige and Monica said...

So you know, the deleted comments were copies of our own. Seems jet laggy has me too. That or I have an itchy trigger finger when it comes to posting comments. Sleep now...