Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Betrayal of the Heart

Monica: How could you do this to me?

RB: Monica, I'm sorry! I couldn't help myself.

Paige: Hey you two, what's all the yelling about?

Monica: You! You and... this beast. You're both against me! Grrr

RB: Paige, talk to your sister and talk some sense into her. We didn't do anything wrong.

Monica: But you promised me!

Paige: Sis, what's going on?

Monica: Like you don't know. This... man thing promised to help me with my kimono, and what does he do instead? He goes and buys you a new corset and skirt! And you! You model it for him! And I still haven't gotten to try on my kimono.

Paige: Oh... yeah, I'm sorry. It was just so pretty, I had to try it on.

RB: Yeah. When I saw it I just couldn't help myself. I had to get it.

Paige: And when he showed it to me... well, you know.

Monica: Well, I don't know! I have a kimono that I cannot put on by myself, and you two are going behind my back and trying new clothes. How could you do this to me. Pout

RB: Monica, uhm, can we talk about this later? We've got people listening out there. Didn't you hear? People actually read this blog.

Monica: Oh, I heard. Now all those lovely and wonderful people get to hear what a slime-ball you are. Let them listen. I don't care. Glower

Paige: Monica, we are so sorry. But it was just so nice.

RB: It's the best thing I've gotten for Paige. Look, don't you think so?

Monica: Well, it is nice. Is that a bow on your stocking?

Paige: Yeah, ain't it great?

Monica: No skulls, I see. Less gothy than usual. And is that a new necklace?

Paige: Well, yeah.

Monica: Oh you little slut!

RB: Hey, be nice to your sister!

Monica: You bastard!

Paige: Hey!

Monica: How could you! You even got her a necklace! And stockings with bows! I'm never talking to either of you again. Stomp... stomp...

Paige: Oh dear. We did it this time.

RB: You mean I did. I did promise.

Paige: Yeah, I know. But I love the new clothes. Thanks. Kiss

RB: Blush You're welcome. Well, I guess I'm going to be kissing her ass for awhile to make it up to her.

Paige: Oh, she'll love that. For that she'll forgive you in no time. Glower

RB: Blush I mean... I meant...

Paige: Oh, I know you meant. We both know what makes her tick. How else did you think you were going to make it up to her? And you think some pretty clothes are going to make me look the other way?

RB: Uhm...

Paige: Men! Grumble... Stomp... stomp...

RB: Wow. Oh... hi folks. Sorry about all the commotion. Seems Paige and Monica are a tad upset with me. Maybe one of you can tell me what just happened? Oh, that's right, blogs are kinda one way. Anyways, I've been getting some emails that folks are enjoying our little blog here. I wanted to thank you all for tuning in. We really appreciate you reading. I think the girls would thank you too once they calm down.

Monica: Yelling from other room Thanks! We love you!

Paige: Yelling from another room Thank you!

RB: Ok, I guess calming down wasn't a prerequisite. Anyway, time for me to make nice. In nice ways, of course. I mean, really nice... Oh never mind. I have some kimono dressing directions to brush up on and other stuff. I'm sure the girls will catch up with you folks later. Take care, and thanks again!


Zoe said...

Hi Monica. Sisters can be a real pill, can't they? My RG has one and it kind of makes me glad I don't! But don't worry - I can tell your RB loves you and will make it up to somehow. I bet you will look absolutely lovely in your kimono, and can't wait to see a picture.

And Paige - you did look very pretty in your outfit too. Just try to share a bit more with Monica. Imagine how she must feel right now.

*hugs* to you both!

--Zoe (My RG is going to help me set up a blog of my own this weekend when she has some free time - she's very busy at work making sure the new dolls get to their RBs and RGs safe and sound!)

Zoe said...

Hi girls - I just wanted to let you know that I got my blog sooner than expected (yay for lunch breaks!) Here's the URL: