Thursday, August 14, 2008

Making Up

Paige: Hey, sis! You look like you're feeling better.

Monica: Oh yeah, I am. Grin

Paige: RB finally help you with that kimono?

Monica: Yep. It' was pretty sweet. Here, take a look.

Paige: Oh, wow. You look beautiful!

Monica: Smile Thank you! I see you're feeling better, too.

Paige: Yep, I am. Our friend Zoe was right. I love you sis. We're too sides of the same coin, after all, and that means RB belongs to both of us, and we both belong to him. Sorry I was so insensitive.

Paige and Monica: Hug!

Monica: Well, I love you too, Paige. Sniff  Uhm, hey, want to see more? There's more to the kimono. Take a look at the bow.

And there are shoes, too. But I can't believe they're meant for a human being to wear. The Japanese must have tiny, tiny feet. We just couldn't get them on.

Paige: That is so cool. I'm jealous. Smile

Monica: Heh. Well, that outfit you had was pretty killer, too. 

Paige: Thanks. That means a lot.

RB: Hey, you two. How's it going?

Paige: Oh, hi! Pretty good. We were just taking a look at the pictures of her kimono.

RB: Yeah, Monica looked really lovely. And sexy, of course.

Monica: Blush Thank you...

RB: Uhm, why do you two look so sheepish?

Paige: Well...

Monica: We were just talking. You know, girl stuff. Like how we feel. About each other... and you.

RB: Oh... I see. Well, don't let me disturb you. I can just go away...

Paige: Oh, don't you dare. You weren't disturbing us. I was just saying how much I love Monica and you.

Monica: Yeah, same here.

RB: Blush Well, I love you too, girls. 

Paige, Monica, and RB: Hug!

RB: Sniffle Uhm, well, I gotta go... you know... do something. You guys keep talking. See you later...

Paige: Geez, get gushy and boys always run away. Why is that?

Monica: They're just not in touch with their feelings. Poor guys. I feel sorry for them sometimes.

Paige: Speak for yourself. Boys just need to suck it up and deal. He just needs to get used to it, is all.

Monica: Well, I think we could help with that.

Paige: You know, I think you're right. You thinking what I'm thinking?

Monica: Evil Grin Yep, I think so. Shall we?

Paige: Yep, we shall. Well, folks, we having something we need to go do. See you all later!

Monica: Have a good day! I know we will. Smirk

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Zoe said...

Ooh, yay! Kimono pictures! You look SO pretty, Monica!

I'm glad to see you two made up. We dolls need to stick together.