Monday, January 4, 2010

Rockin From Dusk Till Dawn

Paige: It was nice spending some quality time with my sisters over the holidays.

Monica: Maybe for you.

Paige: What? You didn't like it here?

Monica: Geez, you're kidding, right? RB was out having his own fun in California and we get left here in the middle the rain and snow to sit around and do nothing. Yuck!

Paige: A deal was a deal. We got to go to Mexico and sail the high seas, and he got to go on vacation for Christmas and New Year. Seemed fair. Besides, we had each other.

Monica: Exactly! All we had was each other. All you did was play that damned game all day long and Alyson was all like "Ooh, snow..." and she was off doing god only knows what in that stuff. And where does that leave me?

Paige: I was not just playing that game.

Monica: Yeah, right. Well, I got the proof right here. See for yourself.

Paige: Ooh. I think I got my likeness pretty close, don't you think?

Monica: Yeah, not bad. You need those boots, though. Those are bitchin.

Paige: Sigh. Yeah, those are really cool. Which reminds me, why didn't you go shopping? You so could have gone shopping. While the cat's away, you know?

Monica: Yeah, right. I'm not touching those malls this time of year.

Paige: Hmmm... Maybe you're right. Well, it's not like you didn't do anything. You were reading that Twilight garb... I mean books, if I recall. So, tell me, you like Edward or Jacob?

Monica: Oh, I'm totally a Jacob person. I think I like the idea of the person I'm with being my friend. Edward's just way to old school for me. Can't trust that type with anything.

Paige: Well, that actor in the movie sure looked nice. What's his name?

Monica: Oh my god was Taylor Lautner hot. Okay, tell me. Which do you like?

Paige: I didn't read the books, you know. But I think I liked Edward better in the movies.

Monica: No way. Edward is so about secrets. He's always like doing things to protect Bella without telling her. Who needs that crap? Jake lays it all out and includes her.

Paige: Well, I sure like Jacob's body, for sure, but personally I like a guy whose number one goal is me, you know. Jacob seems like a hothead. Besides, I like pale guys.

Monica: You mean you like geeks who never see the light of day?

Paige: Well, of course! Nothing wrong with a well educated man who uses his mind rather than brawn to win the day.

Monica: Even if that means he plays World of Warcraft or plays Dungeons and Dragons?

Paige: Shy smile Even better. I'd rather have a guy care about my tanking skill or backstab ability than how I put on makeup.

Monica: Sis, that is just screwed up.

Paige: Don't you get it? Geeks are like willing slaves to my every whim. I like being catered on hand and foot. What do you get from your type of guy?

Monica: Duh! Hot sex.

Paige: Hmmm... one night stand or forever slave. Hard to choose...

Monica: That would be hot, rocking one night stand to you. And I have less complication.

Paige: And I get minion.

Monica: Ooh, very true. I like the idea of having a minion. Maybe you have a point there.

Paige: Grin Think about it. I'm sure you'll come to my way of thinking.

Monica: Not likely, but I'll consider it.


Zoe and Bridget said...

Oh dear. Paige, please please please tell us that you're not actually a fan of Twilight?! Those books are total crap! We have such strong feelings about them that we joined a forum called Twilight Sucks. It's a great forum! :D

--Zoe and Bridget

Paige, Monica, and Alyson said...

Oh dear god, no! Monica, though, is a total fan and dragged me to see both movies. I've been going sick listening to her raving about how she can't wait to see Eclipse. What she sees in that garbage, I know not. I think RB hasn't been paying enough attention to her, poor girl.

I'm going to try to be politely unavailable when the next movie comes out. I don't hold out much hope, though. Wish me luck.


Claire said...

sigh. i miss you guys!

I hope all's going well in your world ...