Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Love Boat

Monica: Oh my god I'm stuffed. I never ate so much in my life.

Paige: I can tell. I think you might have gained a few pounds there.

Monica: No! Oh my god oh my god... Running

Paige: Don't break the scale!

Alyson: You know she worked out in that gym like every day we were on the ship, right?

Paige: Well yeah, but between late night trips to the lido deck and all those fruity cocktails I'm sure she made up for it. I know I'm still working it all off.

Alyson: I don't see how you both could eat so much. I didn't.

Paige: That's because you never left the hot tubs. And who was that guy I saw you flirting with?

Alyson: Blush Well... uhm... that was... we were just chatting.

Paige: Uh huh. Same guy every day? Well, I won't tell RB. Which reminds me, I don't suppose you'd mind doing my chores while I work off those desserts? You know, for a few weeks maybe?

Alyson: Why you... Gulp Oh, hey RB.

RB: Hey girls. You had fun on your cruise?

Paige: I know Alyson did... Ouch!

Alyson: Rubbing elbow Yeah, of course. It was great.

RB: I just wish I could have gone, but you know what work's like. I'm glad all of you got to go, though.

Paige: Yeah, you missed a lot. Hey, I thought you'd like this picture I took of the cruise ship. We were off Catalina Island here.

RB: Oh, that is cool. You'll have to tell me more later, though. I gotta go. But I want to hear all about it.

Paige: Yeah, sure thing. We'll see you later.

Alyson: See ya!

Paige: You were saying, little sis?

Alyson: Sigh Yeah, sure, chores.

Paige: Excellent. What happens on the cruise ship stays on the cruise ship, right?

Alyson: Oh, yes, most definitely. Thank you.

Paige: My pleasure. Smirk


Real Person said...

I'm so glad you girl's had a lovely trip! And, frutiy cocktails are the best!


Claire said...

i am ridiculously jealous! we went out of town too, but noplace as fun as a cruise. no buffets or fruity cocktails, either ... but we got to see some good movies, and msg didn't have to work, so i guess those are silver linings.

can't wait to hear more about the trip -- it sounds cruisemazing!