Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Sound of Something

Monica: So, can you hear me now?

RB: Sigh Not like I haven't HEARD that one before.

Alyson: Giggle.

RB: Yeah, it's getting better. Still a little stuffy, though.

Monica: Well, as long as you can hear my tongue on your earlobe, we're good.

Alyson: Monica!

Paige: Don't pay any attention to her, Alyson. Ok, Monica, put your tongue back in your mouth. RB, your burger is ready and hot off the grill. And Alyson, I think your... what the hell is this thing?

Alyson: Boca Burger.

Paige: Uh, yeah, your Boca thing is ready. I think. It's not meat so I can't tell.

RB: God it's hot out here.

Alyson: I love your patio. I wish you had space for a garden, though. It would be so nice to grow our own vegetables.

Monica: You kidding me? You think I'm going to grovel in the dirt for carrots? It's hard getting my nails to look this good.

Paige: But we could compost. I've been wanting to do that here forever. Too much garbage in our landfills at it is.

Alyson: Exactly!

RB: You girls go right on ahead. I'll be inside cooling off with the air conditioner.

Monica: I'm with you! Want to cool of up stairs on the bed? Naked?

RB: Uhm...

Alyson: What a great idea! I could work on my tan right here and get rid of my tan lines.

RB: Ehh...

Paige: Heh. That is a good idea. We do have a fence and a private yard. I suppose we both could.

RB: Ahh...

Paige: Why RB, what's the matter? You're looking like one of those baby birds waiting for food from its mother. Is that drool I see?

RB: Arrrr...

Monica: Oh, stick a burger in it. Damn, now I'll never get him to go inside. I guess I better work on that tan too.

RB: Eeee...

Alyson: You ok, RB? Your eyes are going... glassy? Hello? Hey, I think we need help here. Is he ok?

Paige: Heh. I think it's shock. It's just a guess, but I think he'll live.

Monica: Well, I think we can shock him back to life. Off with the top!

RB: Uhhh....

Paige: Anyone else up for a burger while we're out here?

Monica: Yeah, I think so. Thanks. Hmmm, good. Oops, is that catsup dripping on my breast? Darn.

Paige: Don't break the boy. We need him later.

Alyson: Did it just get hotter out here?

Monica: Yeah, I think it definitely did.

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Adam said...

If I had three beautiful girls taking care of me, I doubt I would care if I could hear at all. Hope you're feeling better RB and keep up the good work girls!