Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Too Much of a Good Thing

Monica: It's tough being a doll.

Paige: Yeah, no kidding. Damn my finger hurts.

Monica: Oh, what happened?

Paige: One of my finger wires poked through my skin.

Monica: Ouch! I'm sorry, sis.

Paige: Ah, it's ok.  A little glue with fix it right up. Just part of what it means to be a doll.

Monica: Yeah, I guess it is. We're pretty fragile. And we're not the only ones. I wanted to say sorry to all our readers out there, too. Being a doll means you're at the whim of your RB, and if he can't get his act together, it's up to us dolls to pick up the pieces. That's means no time for blogging. We love him lots, but it's not easy picking up after him.

Paige: You know, I would never say this about anyone else, but for RB I have to tell you that he has too much of a life. He needs to lose some, if you ask me. It's burning him out, poor guy.

Monica: Oh yeah? I thought you'd be proud of him.

Paige: Proud? Sure thing, but if doesn't take some time out for himself then there will be nothing left for us dolls. He needs to make more time for us.

Monica: Ok, on that I most definitely agree. Hear that, dude? Get a grip and ease off the throttle there, big guy. You're not Superman, you know!

Paige: Heh Yeah. Like the big man Stan Lee said, with great power comes great responsibility. Take some time and smell the roses... What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Monica: Sigh Anywhosits, he'll be doing some traveling here for awhile, but I just wanted to make sure to touch base with all you lovely fans out there and let you know we're still alive and kicking.

Paige: You think you're going to kick much with those heels on?

Monica: Hey, those girls in the movies kick ass with heels on, why can't I?

Paige: Dear, Jennifer Garner you are not. 

Monica: Man she was bad ass in Alias. When I grow up I want to be a real girl like her.

Paige: Sis, you live a secret a life in which you get to change faces and wigs, dress up in sexy outfits and debrief with your sexy male counterpart. What does Syndey Bristow have that you don't?

Monica: Uhm.... ok, you got me there. I love being a doll.

Paige: So there you go. Don't you feel better now?

Monica: Yes indeedy, I do. Thank you.

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Sidore-chan said...

Well, this would probably be my New Favourite Blog :-)

Coincidentally enough, my lad just repaired my pinky today, as -- yep -- the wire broke through my finger. Hideous, but it's a small price to pay for being a silicone sexpot, really... ;-)

Keep up the good work, and my lad and I are looking forward to more of the same!