Monday, September 15, 2008

Hard Lessons

Monica: Hey, sis. Have you been reading Zoe's blog?

Paige: Yeah, I have. And I know that look you have all too well. You talking about that guy who tried to grope her?

Monica: Yep. That's the one. Remind you of anyone?

Paige: Oh, yeah, it does. RB couldn't apologize enough for introducing his friend to us. I still get shivers thinking about it. 

Monica: No kidding. And she was a woman! He thought she of anyone would know better, especially being his friend. But no... there she was reaching out with her grubby hands before he could say a word. He will never make a mistake like that again.

Paige: It's like Zoe said. Some people don't get it. They see us as bits of silicon and metal, but what we are goes deeper.  We may be different things to different people, but we're not just toys or sex dolls. We are art, we are lovers, we are muses. RB and others have been inspired by us and in return we are given a taste of what it means to be alive through their imagination. And that means we are more than just things and should be treated with respect.

Monica: Wow! I didn't know you felt that way. 

Paige: And you don't?

Monica: Well, of course I do. I like sex like the next person, but I know that I'm not just about that and I don't need that to be who I am. Just look at the blogs about us, and photography. If RB writes about us or posts a picture then I've done my job. So shame on those people who think I'm just about instant gratification.

Paige: Not about instant gratification? You?

Monica: Well, ok. I'm all about instant gratification. But you know. Everyone else needs to chill.

Paige: Yeah, I can't argue with you there. Well, RB has promised to be more careful, just like Mandie will be with Zoe. Too bad he had to learn the hard way.

Monica: Well, RB can be slow, but he usually gets it right eventually.

Paige: Damn straight. We'll just have to keep working on him until he does.

Monica: Grin

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